Adele Shopping for Halloween Costume: Singer Working Out Hard to Stay in Shape This Halloween

Photo credit: Joern Pollex / Stringer/Getty

Did you know that the stunning singer Adele was shopping in Toronto for a Halloween costume earlier this month? Yes, she was at Amazing Party and Costume with her three-year-old son. Adele is looking incredible these days, so here is the scoop on how she stays in shape while juggling motherhood and her career.

Adele’s Weight Loss

Adele’s powerful voice is undeniable along with her talent and good looks. According to sources, Adele has always been proud of her curvaceous figure and was never the type of woman who defined herself by the size of her waist. She recognized that there was much more to a person than how much they weigh, and she’s totally right about that.

However, there is nothing wrong with making positive lifestyle changes and incorporating healthy habits into your daily routine. There has been lots of speculation around the singer’s weight loss—a whopping 30 pounds—which is all thanks to The Sirtfood Diet, which is a book that was released in the UK in January. She looked slim and glowing in her music video for “Send My Love (To Your New Lover).” The singer, who is 5 foot 9, has been working with her long-time trainer Pete Geracimo.

Geracimo approves the Sirtfood diet due to its focus on foods that activate sirtuins, which are body proteins that help regulate metabolism. The authors of the book, Glen Matten and Aidan Goggins, are both nutritionists and have identified 20 sirtfoods that act as sirtuin-activating polyphenols, which according to Matten, mimic the effects of exercise and fasting. Very interesting.

So, do you want to know the foods involved? Well, they aren’t really all that shocking. Foods like strawberries, olive oil, dates, kale, dark chocolate (while drinking tea), wine, and coffee, as well as other plant-based foods. The best thing about this diet is that although meat is not a sirtfood, it is not forbidden. The diet just encourages one to add sirtfoods.

It begins quite strict and is actually pretty complex—if you want to know more about it you should Google it. The weight loss is allegedly immediate, and when tested on people who went to the gym, the average weight loss was seven pounds in the first seven days. There was also increased muscle definition as the foods in the diet support muscle health. While the diet is very promising, it is still too early to determine its scientific accuracy, according to Grace Fjeldberg, a dietitian at the Mayo Clinic. This means not everyone will experience the same weight loss results as Adele, but it’s worth a shot.

When it comes to her workouts, Adele admits that she’s not really a fan. In fact, although hate is strong word, it might be safe to use it here. Although her exact workout is unknown, Adele is known to hit the gym and workout with her personal trainer. She posted a workout photo to social media that showed her working with dumbbell weights, so it’s not a stretch to assume that she does some weight training and possibly some strength training too. Whatever Adele is doing, she looks fantastic, and it will be fun to find out what she will dress up as for Halloween.

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