Adriana Lima Loves Rainbow Bagels but Follows Intense Workouts

Photo Credit: Leo Marinho / Splash News
Adriana Lima

Photo Credit: Leo Marinho / Splash News

Do you think bagel artist Scot Rossilo ever imagined Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima would be wolfing down his rainbow bagels? I surely didn’t. I always figured they were for fat Brooklyn hipsters who just wanted to eat cake for breakfast and be blown away by neon food coloring; not slender internationally-renowned supermodels with jobs.

Wrong again!


STARTING MY DAY WITH RAINBOW BAGELS ☕️☕️☕️💖💖💖💖💖 @thebagelstore

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Known for her lean muscular physique and Victoria’s Secret success, Adriana Lima recently Instagrammed a photo of her breakfast spread with rainbow bagels as the centerpiece. These trendy, doughy treats are literally making the rounds as this year’s Cronut, and will likely be out of style—and perhaps out of Lima’s diet—quite soon.


BREAKFAST ☕️🍓🍌 Rainbow bagels @thebagelstore

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If you’re looking at Lima and asking, “Hmm, are bagels healthy? They must be!”—don’t kid yourself; they aren’t. They’re basically donut-shaped dinner rolls.

Of course it’s Adriana Lima’s job to be in shape—after all, she’s an underwear model—so you can bet she’s not eating a lot of these colorful treats. And if she does indulge herself from time to time you can bet Adriana’s intense workouts use up those extra calories fast.

How Adriana Lima Eats Rainbow Bagels Then Walks the Runway

For over 10 years Lima has been training with some of the best in the business. She works out at Aerospace gym in New York, where she takes part in high intensity workouts at least twice per week. Why only twice per week? Because Adriana’s intense workouts can’t be done every day. She even told Vogue she trains like a pro boxer getting ready for a fight.

She puts herself through two intense 90-minute sessions a week for a couple of reasons. First of all, she really enjoys it. Exercise is far easier to stick to when you’re doing something you’re passionate about. Passion and enjoyment are essential in staying motivated and experiencing success when you’re selecting your own workout routine.

Another reason she boxes is because it provides a full body workout. Boxers are known for their lean bodies and superhuman endurance, which essentially turns them into calorie incinerators. This type of workout makes it nearly impossible for Adriana Lima to put on weight. Here’s a breakdown of what her 90-minute workout might look like:

  • Five to 10-minutes of jumping jacks and shadowboxing eight-count combinations (the combos keep things fresh and her mind alert so she doesn’t get bored—it’s also great cardio!)
  • 30-minutes of jump rope—but not your schoolyard skipping, Lima does double-unders, which means she rotates the rope around her body twice per jump; and cross-overs, where she crosses the rope in front of her body; and side-to-sides, where she performs complicated footwork.
  • 10-minutes of hitting the speedbag
  • 10-minutes of hitting the double-end bag
  • 40-minutes of sparring

That workout hits everything—cardio, muscular endurance and muscle building, while allowing her to burn a lot of calories. Now keep in mind this is a very advanced workout, so if you want to adopt something similar to Adriana Lima’s workout, start small and work your way up!

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