Amy Schumer Barbie Movie: Actress Body Shamed Even Before Confirmation for Live Action Adaption

Amy Schumer
Credit: Mark Sagliocco / Stringer / Getty

Amy Schumer’s latest project, though nothing has been officially confirmed, is none other than Barbie—she may be playing the doll in Mattel’s live action adaptation of the Barbie movie. But haters are already on social media and are body shaming the actress, saying she is too large and not thin or pretty enough to play Barbie.

The online bullies are body shaming the Trainwreck actress, but as is most often the case online, others have come forward to silence the haters. Who knew Barbie would be so controversial?

This isn’t the first time Hollywood stars have been shamed online this year. All four female actors in the Ghostbusters reboot faced harsh criticism from online trolls, who felt that the all-women reboot was unnecessary. They bullied several the actresses for being overweight.


Leslie Jones, one of the cast members, experienced racism and sexism on Twitter, and she ultimately quit the social network for quite some time.

Digital Spy readers were polled to see if they felt Schumer was a good choice for the role, and 55% who responded said yes.

Forget the Haters, Schumer is Fit and Healthy

Schumer sometimes takes to Instagram to share images of herself with fans. She did that last month when she wasn’t feeling well, and let her 5.3 million followers into her bedroom, where the actress stood in front of a full body mirror and took a picture of herself in front of it.

Of that image, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo author wrote: “Solution areas! Try and only be kind to yourself today. Love yourself like you’re your own mother.” That image was nothing to be ashamed of; Schumer looked fit and healthy.


The actress is vocal about body positivity and body shaming in our society, and doesn’t hide the fact that she is a proud size six who can sometimes fluctuate to a size eight.

Schumer trains with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, who has a long list of famous clients, including Halle Berry, Megan Fox, and Jennifer Hudson. Pasternak helped Schumer get fit for her role in the comedy Trainwreck. In an interview with Pop Sugar, Pasternak said, “I’m very, very proud of her. She transformed herself.”

There are many ways that Schumer stays healthy and active other than doing the standard gym workout. Her workouts with Pasternak are brief, but she keeps active throughout the rest of her day. She is constantly on the move, and walks everywhere rather than using a car service, which is great cardio. When she was in college, Schumer was an aerobics instructor, so fitness has been a part of her life since she was young. She may not be a gym rat, but she stays active.

Pasternak says that when she was training for Trainwreck, she would wear her Fitbit and walk to the studio, then go for a hike, and then walk back to her hotel, clocking over 15k steps in the first part of her day.

Another project Schumer is working on (though Barbie isn’t a definite go yet) is the upcoming mother-daughter comedic film she is starring in with Goldie Hawn. The as of yet titled movie is set to release in May 2017.

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