Amy Schumer Lashes out at Body Shamers: Soon-To-Be Barbie, Feels Strong and Confident in Her Skin

Amy Schumer
Credit: Mike Coppola / Staff/Getty

Amy Schumer will not let body shamers bring her down. Schumer is a self-confident woman that feels beautiful, strong, and sexy. The 35-year-old said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, December 12, that she might star in a movie that rhymes with “schmarbie.” Schumer is rumored to be in talks to write and star in an upcoming film about the iconic Barbie doll.

The actress and stand-up comedienne has always been a body positive person. Throughout her career, people have bullied her or called her too fat. Schumer says she has built up thicker skin from being in the public eye for so long.

She has been an active comedian since 2004, and has recently found stardom in TV and movies including the film, Trainwreck (2015) and her own sketch comedy TV series, Inside Amy Schumer (2013 to present), which won a Primetime Emmy Award in 2015 for Outstanding Variety Sketch Series.


Schumer believes that online body shamers, or trolls, are in more pain that we can possibly imagine. Schumer couldn’t be more right. The stigma of mental illness has many people suffer in silence.

Every year approximately one in five American adults, or 43.8 million people, experience a mental illness such as depression, schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder. Body shaming is a result of someone with mental disorders like depression and anxiety.

Exercise and a healthy diet can certainly go a long way to reducing stress and improving mental illness. Amy Schumer’s body positive perspective has her spreading confidence and self-love throughout social media. She is comfortable with her frame that is between a size six and an eight. Diet and exercise have been key components of Schumer’s life for a long time. Let’s take a brief look at what Amy Schumer does to stay in shape.

Amy Schumer’s Fitness Tips

Amy Schumer is a pretty incredible woman! Not only is she confident but she is also quite active, and she moves around a lot.


Trainer, Harley Pasternak, is credited for helping Amy Schumer get into shape for the film, Trainwreck. Pasternak was amazed at how Schumer trains on a regular basis. For instance, she has been into fitness for years and was even an aerobics instructor in college!
Schumer will have brief workouts with Pasternak, but stays active throughout the rest of her day. She will walk literally everywhere and uses her Fitbit around the movie studio. She also loves hiking back to her hotels. Schumer even works while she walks, and will take phone calls while walking from place to place. She will get in 15,000 steps during the first half of the day, on top of working while she does it.

Amy Schumer’s Diet and Lifestyle Choices

For Trainwreck, Amy Schumer revealed on Live with Kelly and Michael in 2015 that movie execs suggested she shed a few pounds before filming the movie. She remembers that the execs asked her how she wanted to look for the movie, and Schumer gave some wardrobe suggestions before she realized they wanted her to lose weight.

Her trainer had her on a meal plan that included a smoothie for breakfast, and lunch was basically her journaling about that smoothie joked Schumer, who says she lost three pounds from her diet plan.
Overall, Amy Schumer is quite happy with the way she looks and isn’t afraid with showing off her curves. Schumer admittedly has guilty food pleasures, including coconut cream pie and hot dogs. She also enjoys a steak from time to time, and is no stranger to a few alcoholic drinks now and then.
Amy Schumer’s schedule has been busy as of late. Besides the rumored Barbie project, Schumer’s other upcoming projects include Thank You for Your Service and Who Invited Her? She will also star in a project co-staring Jennifer Lawrence, and another with Goldie Hawn.

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