Anna Kendrick Apparently Loves Snacking on Pineapples

Photo Credit: KCS Presse / Splash News
Anna Kendrick

Photo Credit: KCS Presse / Splash News

Actress Anna Kendrick is best known from her roles in New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn (from the Twilight saga), and Pitch Perfect, and now has two new films about to hit theatres: Trolls and Table 19. Kendrick takes care of her health and one possible secret may be eating pineapple.

The actress shared a photo of herself on Instagram for her fans, posing for the camera in a chic brown mini dress with strappy black sandals, holding a piece of sweet pineapple. It’s possible that this is one of her favorite foods to stay healthy and in good shape.

Pineapples are filled with wonderful nutrients such as vitamin C and manganese, plus the digestive enzyme bromelain.

She stays healthy and in shape for the big screen in movies such as Table 19 (though maybe not Trolls, considering it’s an animated film) and in everyday life by approaching her food choices with caution, but she still enjoys some of her favorites without feeling guilty. She believes moderation is key and consults a nutritionist for that.

Although the famous actress is not a huge fan of working out, she does it to stay active and healthy. She does cardio on an elliptical machine, but her demanding roles can be challenging for her body, so she also engages in stunt training, martial arts, and weightlifting. She loves to dance and does so almost every day of the week.

Anna Kendrick also absolutely loves yoga as it helps her to feel aligned and centered; Bikram yoga is said to be her favorite. She may only be five-foot-two but she stresses the importance of good posture, which she works on through yoga poses. This helps keep her slender and also prevents her from developing back problems.

It’s easy to see why Anna Kendrick is in such great shape just in time for the release of her new movies, Trolls and Table 19. And it seems her weight loss and diet plan is simple enough for anyone to follow, especially if you like pineapples!

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