Arizona Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald’s Spectacular Catch Due to Some Pretty Intense Training

Credit: Tina Lau / Splash News
Larry Fitzgerald

Credit: Tina Lau / Splash News

Arizona Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald caught his 100th career touchdown pass in Sunday’s matchup with the New England Patriots.

The spectacular catch landed him the No. 10 spot on the shortlist of NFL players to ever accomplish the feat. Fitzgerald credited his training for that diving catch.


Prior to each game, Fitzgerald mentally prepares himself and gets ready to face whatever may come his way.

The 33-year-old still plays football as energetically as he used to a decade back, thanks to his nutrient-rich diet. His hectic schedule and age would have ravaged his body had he not adopted the healthy diet.


“My offseason training really helped me—I was fully healthy and having my health made a big difference,” said Fitzgerald in a recent interview with Men’s Fitness magazine. “I was able to come in and have a great camp, get up to a fast start early in the season, and it kind of just kept rolling.”

He also believes that there are no short-cuts to success and one must take out time for training. Training hard will surely require immense energy. To avoid exhaustion during the training and for recovery afterwards, your body needs nutrients. Fitzgerald’s nutritious diet plan gets him through the most intense workouts.

Fitzgerald’s Nutrition Plan

Fitzgerald is cautious about what he puts into his body. He uses EAS Sports Nutrition products to make sure his body recovers after his rigorous workout. He says the supplements are “safe and clean” and provide him with astonishing results.

He prefers cutting fats and sugars out of his diet and consumes a healthy, balanced diet of oatmeal, eggs, steak, and lean turkey.

He distances himself from red meat but likes to eat fish. It makes him feel cleaner inside out.

He eats lamb twice a week and considers it to be a super food.

Fitzgerald’s Workout

His off-season training includes box jumps, agility drills, hang cleans, squats, explosive movement drills, and a ton of running.

“I’m doing between 600 and 800 yards of intense, intense running when I’m training,” he told Men’s Fitness. “I want high-intensity training, every single day.”

He lifts weights four days a week during the off season and relies on Olympic lifts and plyometric movements for explosive speed and jumping ability.

He does cardio five days a week, switching between treadmills, stairs, and spin classes. His training includes all the skills necessary for a wide receiver – jumping, grabbing, and running.

After his intense training, he spends the rest of the time with his family recovering and enjoying eight hours of sleep to charge him for next day’s severe workouts.

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