Arnold Schwarzenegger Would Have Run for US Presidency: Would He Have Been a Fitter Candidate Than Trump and Hillary?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Would Have Run for US Presidency: Would He Have Been a Fitter Candidate Than Trump and Hillary?
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The super fit former bodybuilder and actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, admits he has no idea if he will vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in this election. He took to Twitter earlier this month to share his feelings about the conflict he feels. A Republican since 1968 when he came to the US, the former governor says that all Americans need to remember that it is sometimes necessary to choose country over party, it is a duty in fact, and why he is having such a hard time deciding who to vote for.

Schwarzenegger believes his past experience in the competitive world of bodybuilding equipped him for campaign life because in bodybuilding, he says you have to “sell yourself, your ideas, your position to the public.” Setting yourself apart from the others was key, as it is in political life when running for office. If he had been born in the States and not Germany, he would have run for the presidential office in this race because now is a good time to get in the race, he says.

Would he have been more fit to be president than the current two vying for office? Physically, definitely, because fitness is still an integral part of Schwarzenegger’s everyday life, and it shows. Even in his late sixties, the Terminator actor is in incredible shape and still has much of the muscle mass he had in his heyday as an actor. Okay, it’s not exactly like it was when he earned those seven Mr. Olympia titles; it is still impressive nonetheless.

His approach to intense training involves one key factor: high volume. He works his muscle groups twice a week with multiple sets of multiple exercises, which promotes something bodybuilders call “the pump.” What is the pump? It is a term used in weightlifting to describe how blood gets restricted into a muscle while doing an exercise and  how it floods back into the muscle when the exercise is done.

This trick isn’t for beginners, though, and is best reserved for professional bodybuilders who know exactly how it works. High volume workouts require more time in the gym per session and per week, so it is a heavier commitment to training.

Schwarzenegger’s Workout and Diet

The 68-year-old philanthropist starts his day at 7 a.m. at Gold’s Gym. His first exercise is biking the over two miles to the gym. The workout when he arrives at the gym starts with some bicep, chest, and arm exercises. Even this tried and true athlete admits that having someone to work out with makes it more fun. He says that working out doesn’t have to be bleak, and you can “laugh and have a good time” all while getting fit.

A high-calorie diet is pretty much a given if you work out like this former bodybuilding champion, because long workouts require many calories for both replenishment of what is used up and for muscle creation. Schwarzenegger’s approach to diet is simple and is suitable for bodybuilders following a high volume approach to training like he is. The meal plan he follows is not meant for those doing average workouts. In a day, he would consume the following:

  • 2,750 Calories
  • 256g Protein
  • 271g Carbs
  • 90g Fat

Breakfast is often three scrambled eggs, oatmeal, and orange juice. Lunch is typically two slices of whole-wheat bread, a cooked chicken breast without the skin, an apple, and some milk to drink. Dinner
can be an 8 oz. lean-cut grilled beef with a large baked potato, salad, and cooked vegetables. He eats snacks between each of these meals. One of his rules is to eat carbs within 30 minutes of a workout and to eat 30 to 50 grams of protein every three hours.



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