Dr. Kevin J. McLaughlin
Health & Wellness Specialist

Bio: Dr. K.J. McLaughlin has degrees in nutrition, physical education, and is a certified strength and conditioning specialist with an interest in anti-aging medicine. He’s also a chiropractor with 27 years of clinical experience. He has also spent time studying health promotion and the effect that health education has on health outcomes.

He has a diverse professional background in clinical management, teaching, health promotion, and health coaching, and brings a unique passion to his work.

Dr. McLaughlin lives and practices the principles which he ascribes to in a literary sense with fitness, wellness, and nutrition. He goes to the gym regularly, climbs stairs outside, and consumes a healthy diet including nutritional supplements.

“The amount of knowledge available to people at this time is monumental and there are many opportunities for an individual to improve their own health and well-being,” says Dr. McLaughlin. “It is my hope that you will take full advantage of the information we provide so that you can empower yourself to take more control over your own health outcomes.”

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