Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher, Jordan Rodgers’ fiance, instagrams bikini photos: A sneak peek into her bikini body secrets

JoJo Fletcher
Photo credit: Isaac Brekken / Stringer/Getty

JoJo Fletcher has come a long way in finding love. She met former NFL player Jordan Rodgers on ABC’s hit reality show, The Bachelorette, and fell in love with him. They got engaged, and soon after, rumors were rife about their split.

There are also reports claiming that Fletcher and Rodgers are just faking their romance to satisfy fans who expect them to tie the knot soon.

The Bachelorette couple denied the split rumors, saying they will be tying the knot in 2017. The couple still has not disclosed their plans about the venue and date. When asked about a televised wedding, Fletcher told Entertainment Tonight, “We’re definitely not against it.”

Jordan Rodgers’ fiancée has flooded her Instagram account with romantic pics with Rodgers and some more revealing her svelte figure. The bride-to-be is spending a lot of time transforming her body and sharing bikini photos.

JoJo Fletcher recently shared a pic of her sizzling bikini body on Instagram.

Fletcher’s Bikini Body Secrets

Fletcher told Us Weekly that to stay in great shape; she hits the gym a few times a week for cardio. She likes exercising on the StairMaster and taking spin classes. The Texas native also enjoys outdoor workouts. She loves running in the park with her dog, Jackson, which is also a way to burn calories. As a child, Fletcher liked playing basketball and volleyball and ran track.

Apart from hitting the gym, the star has some other fitness secrets. JoJo told the magazine that she tries to stick to a fairly healthy diet, but she admitted that she does let herself have cheat days.

The reality star says that her strategy for weight loss is balancing diet and workout. She tries to maintain a healthy diet but does allow herself cheat days. “Dieting is hard for me,” Fletcher told Us Weekly in their June issue. “I love food too much. … I love Mexican food and truffle mac ’n’ cheese — anything cheesy!” Some of her favorite cheat meals include Mexican food. She regards herself as an average cook but can prepare a delicious quesadilla.

She does not like eating out every day, so she prepares the dishes herself. JoJo Fletcher’s diet is very simple. She loves cooking and makes healthy meals at home that include grilled chicken and steamed broccoli.

Her biggest weight-loss secret is eating mostly healthy and then having an occasional cheat day. She maintains a decent balance between healthy and indulgent foods.

Fletcher reveals that, just like many others, she also struggles with maintaining a healthy diet at times. She re-tweeted a fan who wrote, “If only pizza was healthy.” JoJo replied, “The struggle.” Pizza can be healthy if prepared with lots of vegetables, low-fat cheese, and a whole wheat crust.

We wish the couple good luck for their future!

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