Bella Hadid’s Toned Abs Visible: Gigi Hadid’s Sister Prepares Ahead of Debut at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Bella Hadid
Credit: Nicholas Hunt / Staff / Getty

Bella Hadid is one of the most famous models in the world. Her toned abs are enviable, and so are her mysterious and alluring looks.

There is no doubt that she will totally rock the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show on December 5, where we will all get to see her sporting some super sexy lingerie. How is the 20-year-old staying in shape beforehand?

Well, thanks to her age—and genetics—she might not be going as hard as you would imagine, but she is definitely keeping fit to prepare. Here is a look into her diet and workout routine.


Bella Hadid on Fitness

Bella Hadid’s star is certainly rising. She is only twenty, but her resume looks like that of a veteran supermodel. She is extremely successful and has walked some of the most prestigious and sophisticated runways in the fashion industry.

There is also no doubt she is beautiful. Yes, it seems like she’s pretty much perfect, but Bella Hadid might be more relatable than you think. She actually doesn’t follow a super strict diet.

In fact, she likes to eat pizza, burgers, and diet coke. I know it’s annoying to hear that, but it’s true! Something she is doing leaves her looking radiant and slim, so let’s take a look.

Bella Hadid likes to do a lot of cardio exercises to keep her amazing figure. She really likes to run (sometimes on the treadmill and other times outdoors), do Pilates and yoga, and even walk around New York City.


She has admitted to other publications that she really dislikes working out with a personal trainer because it makes her feel self-conscious (it happens to us all). She likes to exercise whenever she finds time in her busy schedule.

She does a minimum of 15 minutes of cardio every day, but her philosophy is to give it her all during those 15 minutes and really push herself. She is also a huge fan of riding horses; something she has loved since her childhood.

Most recently, Bella was spotted heading to a boxing class in New York City. The model looked amazing as she flaunted her tight tummy in black workout gear and some seriously cool shades.

Boxing is another excellent form of cardio that helps shed excess weight and build strength, coordination, and stamina. One can only speculate that Bella is heading to these boxing classes in order to prepare for the Victoria Secret Fashion Show in a couple of weeks.

Bella Hadid doesn’t actually have diet secrets. She doesn’t believe in the word dieting, and doesn’t think it’s healthy to go overboard when it comes to deprivation. She likes to eat whatever she wants. Although some of those foods are unhealthy, like grilled cheese or French fries, it’s not a stretch to assume that she can do so due to her age.

She allegedly says that she is not a naturally thin person and does recognize that eating unhealthy foods leads to weight gain. To balance it out, Bella likes to drink green juices once per week, and before shows she sticks to vegetables, soups, and avocado toast.

These kinds of meals help her feel at ease. Her body is also not very receptive to foods like dairy, wheat, and junk, so it’s assumed that she does eat healthy when she can. Check her out on Dec. 5!


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