Bella Thorne with New Boyfriend Tyler Posey Shows Off Killer Abs in Snapchat Post

Bella Thorne
Photo credit: Matt Winkelmeyer / Stringer /Getty

When one door closes, another one opens—this phrase can be used to describe how Bella Thorne ended things with Gregg Sulkin and moved onto Tyler Posey. The actress took to Snapchat to not only show off her and Posey’s relationship, but to reveal her killer abs as well. Thorne does plenty of cardio along with ab workouts to achieve her solid, flat tummy.

It seems Posey is equally as head over heels for Thorne as she is for him. He took to his Instagram to wish the actress a happy birthday, and captioned the photo, “I love these women. My red haired beauties. Happy birthday my love @bellathorne sorry I was a couple hours late, I was too distracted by your face.” In other posts, he has mentioned that Thorne is his woman crush everyday—clearly, the two are young and in love.

Bella Thorne Workout

If you follow Thorne on Snapchat, you will have already seen some of the workouts that she goes through in order to maintain her killer abs and body. Thorne typically begins with some cardio, which may include the elliptical, as a way to get the blood flowing and prevent muscle cramping or injuries.

Thorne follows up her cardio session by focusing on her legs: she performs some squats and side-to-side steps with weights. She then moves onto ab-centric exercises—this involves bringing the knee to the elbow, balancing on a stability ball while performing squats, and then kicking up the knees to reach the elbows. For floor ab exercises, Thorne lays on her back and brings the opposite leg and hand up to each other while holding a weight.

If you follow Thorne on Instagram, you will see that she flaunts her abs in nearly every picture, and why not? She definitely works hard to achieve them. Furthermore, she got her big break on a dance-centric show on Disney, so the long hours of dancing and practicing can definitely add to Thorne’s figure too. We guess it’s true what they say—if you got it, flaunt it—and that is definitely what Thorne is doing.

Whether she is on the red carpet or snuggling up to new boyfriend Tyler Posey, Bella Thorne looks amazing in just about everything. When it comes to her fitness routine, Thorne is pretty dedicated and it definitely shows.

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