Bella Thorne, Tyler Posey Dating? “Teen Wolf” Star Impressed by Actress’ Svelte Figure

Bella Thorne
Credit: Neilson Barnard / Staff/ Getty

Anyone is sure to fall for the gorgeous actress, Bella Thorne. The workout addict is rumored to be dating Tyler Posey, and it seems they even broke up before the rumors were confirmed to be true! Thorne was spotted outside her home giving a good bye hug to the Teen Wolf star, Posey. She looked stunning in a skintight white dress that revealed her svelte figure.

She recently posted on Twitter that she is is good enough for herself, and needs to be herself. She also says she has broken out of the chains which she lived in, perhaps insinuating that she broke up with her beau.

While she might be disheartened with the parting of ways, she is still trying to keeps her fans motivated by uploading her workout pics.

If you feel you are busy enough to not hit the gym, just take a look at Thorne. Having a peek into her Instagram account, it seems as though she lives at the gym. Her tight and toned body is a result of a variety of workouts—some of which you might not have even heard of. She doesn’t believe in scales, but she does consistently track her progress by clicking her pics—and it seems to be working for her.


Bella Thorne Workouts

Thorne works out for an hour. She says she is building muscles with aerobic conditioning. She ensures to stretch before and after her workouts. She also works with a plank, adding a hip twist which targets the waist, stomach, core, obliques, and arms. The workout is very simple and can be done at home, too. She works out to tone her abs, glutes, core strength, and calves.

She loves doing the viper wood chop to tone her waist and arms, and does four sets of 15 reps. She also mixes it up with circuit training. Thorne works out with a suspension band for her core and abs, but mostly for the obliques. Her workout list doesn’t end there and includes SoulCycle, yoga, Pilates, and dance.

She also does boxing and Instagrammed a pic wearing boxing gloves, saying she isn’t as good as her brother in boxing.

Bella Thorne Diet

Thorne’s breakfast consists of pure Greek yogurt and two hard boiled eggs. Post-workout she consumes a protein shake and is constantly on the go. For the muscle recovery she includes high amounts of proteins in her diet.

She hydrates herself with a lot of flavored water from fresh organic watermelon, orange and lemon. She drinks fresh juices like Redhead, Jamba Juice or any pressed juices post-workout.

She includes lots of fresh fruits, kale, and veggies in her diet. Her favorite veggies include garlic, onion, and spinach.
Although she eats healthy most of the time, she does indulge in Slim Jim snacks and cookie soup prepared by her mother. Cookie soup is a mixture of milk and Oreo together and she loves to have it like a soup.

Bella Thorne believes health is not about what one eats, but rather what one thinks and says.



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