Bella Thorne, Tyler Posey’s Ex-Girlfriend, Flaunts Washboard Abs on Instagram

Bella Thorne
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If there was ever any doubt that hard work at the gym doesn’t pay off, one look at Bella Thorne’s abs will convince the hardest skeptic. In a recent Instagram post, Thorne gave followers a sneak peek of her cut torso as her sweater lifted up to reveal extreme washboard abs. Her ex-boyfriend, Tyler Posey, must have loved those abs.

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Thorne posts quite a few pictures and videos to her Instagram account of her workouts, which are pretty intense and are absolutely regular at almost every day of the week. From spinning to Pilates to boxing and other cardio exercises, this actress has serious gym game, as is evident by her toned and strong abs, thanks to abs workouts as well as all of the other activities listed above.

Soooo we died ….. Really need to get back on my work out routine !!! Thank you for the private class sexy momma @carriespilatesplus

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Bella Thorne’s Fitness Routine

Bella Thorne doesn’t diet to get the body that she has. It all comes from hard work and sweating it out at the gym on a very consistent basis, every day to be exact, and even multiple times a day on some days. With an exercise regimen like that, she probably doesn’t need to restrict carbs as many people do to stay lean.

One of her all-time favorite exercises is Pilates and using the Pilates reformer machine. Pilates is a superb all-over body workout that shapes the body, making it lean and strong. Core strength is the main focus of each movement done in Pilates, whether the exercises are done on the reformer, a mat, or bar. Washboard abs are a definite result of regular Pilates practice, and Thorne must know this.

The actress, who is currently filming The Death and Life of John F. Donovan, usually spends time only working on her core, abs, and legs, and has said she doesn’t place much emphasis on her arms or chest. Being toned is more what she is after rather than having overly large muscles and muscle definition.

The actress even has a gym on site at the movie studio, which helps her stay in shape and keep active. If there’s a break, that’s usually where you will find the 19-year-old. The star is happy to have a gym on site at the studio because she says she practically lives there since she does a lot of filming for movies and television shows.

Thorne likes stretching before a workout, and she tries to do it after workouts as well. It is important to warm the muscles up before doing a workout, especially if it is running or jogging. Five minutes on a mat doing basic stretches can help prevent injury by making the muscles more limber.

A few side bends, bending to touch the toes, and yoga moves, such as the child’s pose and cobra, will get the body sufficiently warmed up if time is an issue. Sit on a mat and reach out to touch the toes if preferred. Child’s pose is good for after a workout, especially to help center focus and get you mentally prepared for the rest of the day.


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