Blake Lively Takes Ryan Reynolds to O Ya Restaurant on His 40th Birthday: Couple enjoy Japanese Food Together

Blake Lively Ryan Reynolds
Photo Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff

It seems that Blake Lively’s favorite food may come from O Ya restaurant, as she highly thanked the restaurant on her own Instagram post to her hubby noting that it was that restaurant in Boston where the two met and now they are celebrating his birthday at their NYC location.

Furthermore, she credited the restaurant for having the “BEST” food and being the couple’s “favorite.”

It’s good to see the couple out and about soon after the birth of their second child together.

Ryan Reynolds Diet

There’s no doubt that Reynolds is a total hunk. He always looks buff, which can be accredited to his healthy eating plan and intense workouts. For his many movie roles, Reynolds is often losing weight, gaining weight, or building and losing muscle. When he’s not preparing for an upcoming movie, he generally still hits the gym and eats healthy, but is not on a strict plan.

Reynolds eats regularly—about every three hours—to promote fat burning. When preparing for a role, that is the only time Reynolds incorporates carbs into his diet plan because he is burning off more calories during that time.

Reynolds is known to cook for himself, so he does not use a chef.

Blake Lively Diet

As for wife Lively, she too sticks with a healthy eating plan. Lively also loves to cook so the pair make a perfect couple when it comes to eating healthy. Unlike her hubby, though, Lively doesn’t have a problem with carbs, which she balances out with regular workouts.

Also similar to Reynolds, Lively has often transformed her body for upcoming roles. For example, to hry bikini ready for the film Shallows, Lively amped up her workouts of twice a week to five or six times a week, and it definitely paid off!

To further compliment her bikini body workouts, Lively stuck to a diet which consisted of four meals a day with protein, vegetables, and slow-burning carbohydrates in each one. This meal plan was put together for Lively by a nutritionist.

Although Lively may be known to treat herself, she does have self-control. She’s the type of person who may order a bunch of food but will only sample each meal, without eating the full thing. Her favorite treat, though, would have to be chocolate, as she is a complete chocoholic.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are an incredibly adorable Hollywood couple. With two kids and immense fame, this power couple looks like they have the lasting ability to be together forever.


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