Bradley Cooper Hosts Emma Stone’s La La Land’s Screening: Irina Shayk’s Boyfriend Looks Fit as Always

Bradley Cooper
Credit: Kevork Djansezian / Stringer / Getty

When Bradley Cooper hosted a special screening of Emma Stone’s much-hyped new film La La Land, it looked like the two had a really good time. I wonder what they talked about—maybe their abs workouts, strength training or low-carb diets? Or maybe they talked about their Thanksgiving plans? Who knows what celebrities talk about these days…

But honestly, though, who better to talk to about strength training, abs workouts and low-carb dieting that super hunk Bradley Cooper? Man, is that guy good looking.

Not only that, he can go from a slender ripped physique, like he displayed in the A-Team, but can also get all muscled up to go beast mode in American Sniper. The guy’s just killin’ it on all fronts.


Staying in Shape on Set

Bradley Cooper had a stretch there when it seemed like he was in every movie coming out. Most of the time, he brought out the slender package we all know and love, while sometimes he had to get a little fatter, and other times he had to get jacked. But no matter what, he had to switch up—or maintain— his physique while on a super tight schedule.

Enter celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza, who’s 3-2-1 training program helps keep Hollywood’s elite in shape while on set. She shows up on set, and provides quick, full body workouts for many of today’s most famous bodies.

To make the most of her clients, she puts them through a brief warm-up, then gets into some cardio; but not just any cardio, some dynamic cardio that keeps things fun. Squats, lunges, toe taps, and box jumps all get the heart rate going. The second phase of her program involves circuits that isolate different areas of the upper body—followed by cardio.

It’s all pretty intense, almost resembling a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout. The last set in the power packed workout is core work (abs workout), where a number of different tummy-tightening exercises are executed.


This is a great workout for people who are pressed for time and looking to make a big dent in fat loss. This type of training would work great to keep Cooper lean, but is not the kind of exercise program he would have used to bulk up for his role in American Sniper.

What about Those Foods for Better Health?

Let me give you a little secret about Bradley Cooper’s abs: they were made in the kitchen. Sure, he might blast his abs with exercises every day and do plenty of activity to help him shrink his fat cells, but at the end of the day, it comes down to diet.

For most people, a low-carb diet—but I prefer the term “adequate carb” diet—is the best way to expose your abdominal wall and lean down. I say “adequate” because you do need to include carbs in some capacity in your daily diet—your body needs them.

But it’s making sure you get the right ones, in the right amounts, to ensure they don’t get stored as fat. A simple rule to stick to is that whole fruits and veggies are okay; brown breads and veggies are okay; white ones or those that come in a package are not!

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