Bradley Cooper’s Bike Ride: Irina Shayk’s Partner Looks Buff, Seems to Be Working Out

Bradley Cooper
Credit: Visual China / Stringer / Getty

Bradley Cooper, actor and boyfriend of Irina Shayk, is looking super buff lately. He was spotted taking his motorcycle out and he seems to be rocking a super-thick beard too. There are rumors that Cooper and Shayk may be taking their relationship to the next level—do we hear wedding bells?

Shayk was spotted with Cooper’s mother, so clearly Shayk is close to Cooper’s family. Who knows, maybe they were discussing an upcoming wedding registry? Only time will tell.

Bradley Cooper Workout

Cooper isn’t afraid to bulk up or even trim down in the name of movie making. We saw a much bulkier Cooper in the film American Sniper, for example. Regardless, the actor always looks amazing no matter what role he is preparing for.


For his role in the A-Team, Cooper put on some serious muscle and chiseled abs. To prepare for the role, Cooper first had to pack on muscle by eating a lot, and then he had to shred to rid himself of fat. To achieve this, Cooper followed the 3-2-1 workout. How this works is the workout lasts for 60 minutes and is completed three times a week, alternating days. The workout itself is divided into three parts: cardio, mass training, and core training.

The cardio portion is split into three 10-minute cardio sections which is followed by two 10-minute weightlifting sessions, and ending with one 10-minute core section.

For the mass training or strength sessions, Cooper completed deadlifts, squats, and military presses. The idea here is to begin with a light weight, work up to heavy weights, and then come back down to the light weights, like a pyramid. Here is an example of this:

Set One – 12 reps – 165 pounds
Set Two – 10 reps – 180 pounds
Set Three – 8 reps 190 pounds
Set Four – 6 reps 200 pounds
Set Five – 8 reps 190 pounds
Set Six – 10 reps 180 pounds


Although exercise can help you achieve muscle, it greatly helps to supplement your workouts with a good diet too. Cooper took on a low carb, high fat/protein diet. By restricting carbohydrates, the body goes into a ketogenic state, which means it relies on stored fat as energy rather than carbohydrates. Essentially, Cooper’s body became a fat burning machine, even when he was at rest.

But before you try this type of eating, proceed with caution. In some cases, your body can go into gluconeogenesis, which means your body is using muscle for energy. To avoid gluconeogenesis, you need to keep your protein intake high.

When Cooper isn’t preparing for a role, he still stays active by swimming and performing less intense weightlifting exercises. Bradley Cooper has bulked up and trimmed down for the various movie roles he has played, but in any state, he always looks great, and we’re sure girlfriend Irina Shayk agrees with us.

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