Cameron Diaz, Husband Benji Madden Spotted While Grocery Shopping, Know Their Favorite Healthy Food for Staying Fit

Cameron Diaz, Husband Benji Madden Spotted While Grocery Shopping, Know Their Favorite Healthy Food for Staying Fit
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Cameron Diaz was out-and-about with husband Benji Madden doing some healthy grocery shopping. The couple is approaching a two-year anniversary, and they look better than ever. Diaz, in particular, has released a book about staving off aging and her secrets to looking young, which involve healthy eating.

Madden was being quite the gentleman, carrying all the groceries while Diaz kept one hand occupied carrying a water bottle—clearly showing that staying hydrated is an important part of looking so fresh.

We wonder if Diaz was planning to prepare Benji Madden’s favorite food, lamb chops, with all those groceries. The recipe is actually quite simple; it only involves garlic, lemon, oil, salt, and oregano—so simple yet so delicious.


Cameron Diaz Anti-Aging Secrets

Diaz came out with The Longevity Book, which is a compilation of what the actress believes to be the secrets to a long and healthy life. There is a large focus on food in the book as it is a source of nutrients that can promote good health. In the book, healthy eating is part of the five pillars of well-being and Diaz outlines the importance of feeding your body well to achieve longevity.

Food is very important to Diaz. From the minute she wakes up, she enjoys breakfast. A typical breakfast for Diaz consists of protein, whether it be from eggs or even chicken. Diaz has admitted to even eating two breakfasts—one before and one after her morning workout.

You may be wondering what Cameron Diaz’s favorite food is. Well, it’s hard to just pick one as the actress enjoys steak, avocado toast, and occasionally a spoonful of almond butter as a late-night snack.

When it comes to her snacking habits, Diaz isn’t like everyone else. Instead of opting for chips, she enjoys grains mixed with chicken stock, vegetables, lemon, and garlic. Even when she’s out, she carries a veggie stir-fry with her so she has a healthy snack to enjoy.


Diaz’s secret ingredient in the kitchen is lemon. She suggests that you can put lemon on anything and it will taste good. Her other favorite cooking ingredients include garlic, oil, and salt.

The five pillars of longevity, according to Diaz, comprise good nutrition, sleep, good physical activity, finding a connection or purpose in life, and releasing stress. She suggests by integrating these simple ideologies into your life, you can attain longevity and improve your overall well-being.

With regards to eating and finding a connection, Diaz explained in an interview with Bon Appétit: “Like, when I sit down to a meal with a friend, it’s really just part of improving my well-being. It’s not just the food I’m eating. I can restrict the hell out of my eating generally, but when I sit down with a friend, no matter what I eat, it’s good for me.”

Cameron Diaz continues to look flawless with each passing year and she has found happiness with her husband Benji Madden.


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