Chrissy Teigen, John Legends’ Wife Loves Cooking: “Cravings” Author’s Spicy Touch for Stella Artois’ Recipe

Chrissy Teigen
Credit: Ethan Miller / Staff / Getty

Chrissy Teigen, John Legends wife, took to Instagram to reveal her love for food. She added a spicy touch along with chef Bart to the Belgian mussels’ recipe with Stella Artois, spices, and herbs.

Stella Artois continued its #HostOneToRemember campaign with the help of the Cravings author, Chrissy Teigen, to inspire people to put their own personal touch on entertainment during the holidays.

The supermodel, Teigen, is constantly engaged in filming or photoshoots, but when she is not, she is busy writing low-carb recipes for her blog, So Delushious. If you’re interested in Teigen’s diet and fitness routine, continue below!

Chrissy Teigen Diet

Teigen absolutely loves eggs in any form including hard-boiled, omelet, or over-easy, and includes them in her breakfast.


Her beautiful skin is the result of her love for fresh fruits, specifically creamy avocados that she loves to eat with a dash of salt and pepper. She never skips the tuna salad that constitutes her daily dose of omega-3. She tops it with a little bit of mayo and lots of Dijon mustard.

Teigen sips juices made of lots of fresh green veggies with no fruits, which contain a lot of calories and sugar. While we may indulge in chips for salty cravings, she has a better option. She enjoys seaweed sheets that satisfy her salty cravings, especially wasabi flavored ones—they are also full of a variety of minerals.

She says she loves sashimi a lot, mostly tuna sashimi, and she consumes six of them in a day. It’s a part of her healthy snack, and she makes it healthier by wrapping it in seaweed sheets. At times, she munches on raw almonds and salted, roasted cashews.

Chrissy Teigen Workout Routine

Teigen’s loves the Body by Simone class that is a mix of dance, cardio, and strength training—she also like to do SoulCycle classes as well. She tells Self magazine in the April 2016 issue, “I work out every day. I still feel fit and energetic. In a way, I’m healthier now that I’m pregnant.”

Her workout includes these moves:

Tricep Shredder: Hold one end of a resistance band overhead with your right hand. Reach behind to grab the opposite end of the band with your left hand. Bend right elbow and straighten arm to reach up to the ceiling. Do three sets of 10 reps, then switch to the other arm.

Pony Kick: Place a small exercise ball between your right calf and thigh. Bring your heel towards your butt to contract your hamstring. Lower your knee to the floor, squeeze glutes, and kick your heel toward the ceiling. Lower back to the floor. Repeat it doing 30 reps on each side.

Core Strengthener: In a plank position, lower your right knee down to the floor and lift back to start position. Repeat with the left knee. Lower both knees down to the floor and lift back to start position. This is one rep. Do a total of 20 reps.

Free Run: She does a low-impact cardio like running on a mini-trampoline, and does jump rope.


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