Demi Lovato Knocks Out Sylvester Stallone during Boxing: “Confident” Singer Preparing Hard for Rocky 8

Demi Lovato
Photo Credit: Jonathan Leibson / Stringer / Getty

Demi Lovato knocked out Sylvester Stallone during a boxing match. The “Confident” singer and the original Rocky Balboa sparred, making it look like it could be Rocky 8.

Lovato took to her Instagram to show off her boxing skills with Stallone, which is a dream for anyone who is a fan of the legendary actor. If you follow Lovato on Instagram, you may have noticed that she’s been practicing her boxing and fighting skills quite a bit over the last few months—even when she was injured!

The rest of the videos showed Lovato winning the match and Stallone shouting, “I slipped, I slipped!” Did Stallone let Lovato win or does Lovato have the skills to take down the famous fighter? Regardless, the two seemed to enjoy themselves as they went head to head, Lovato with her pink gloves, of course.


Lovato has previously struggled with weight and body image issues, so it’s good to see the singer happy and enjoying herself. She has gotten more and more into her fitness and workouts, which seem to be a great stress reliever for Lovato.


Demi Lovato Diet Plan and Workout

Lovato has been hitting the gym hard recently and has greatly improved her fitness. She frequently posts about her time in the gym, from boxing with her trainer or squatting with heavy weights on her back. To further compliment her workouts, Lovato also partakes in yoga and plenty of cardio, which is also beneficial in boosting her live performances.

As for her eating, Lovato previously endured an eating disorder, which she has since overcome. Growing up, Lovato often consumed too much food, which led to her being bullied for being overweight when she was around 12 years old. The bullying caused Lovato to be homeschooled because she couldn’t take the abuse; however, it also prompted her to begin eating healthier.

Lovato’s favorite snack is pickles, which is definitely a healthy snack that offers a good crunch. Her favorite meal is a turkey patty in a lettuce wrap with vegan cheese because Lovato is lactose intolerant. She also loves homemade tacos topped with spinach, lettuce, vegan cheese, and hot sauce. For Lovato, it packs plenty of flavor, so she doesn’t go and crave unhealthy foods.

Although Lovato has just wrapped up a world tour she has admitted previously that eating healthy can be difficult when on the road, and yet she still manages. She has admitted that, when on the road, she has had times when she became obsessed with food, but ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama helped her recognize her obsession and get her back on track. Now Lovato sticks with a structured meal plan that consists of four small meals along with two snacks a day.

Demi Lovato has come a long way since her eating disorder days and has grown to be a fitness inspiration for many girls and women. Her dedication to the gym and healthy eating is impeccable and goes to show how much of a fighter she really is—not only in the gym setting but in her own life as well.



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