Elle Fanning Smitten by Channing Tatum and His Killer Body at Beyoncé Concert!

Elle Fanning Smitten by Channing Tatum and His Killer Body at Beyoncé Concert!
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Elle Fanning appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this past week and opened up about the time she and a friend were at a Beyoncé concert and unknowingly sitting next to the hunky actor Channing Tatum! The actress revealed that her and her friend returned to their seats after getting hot dogs and noticed a bearded man wearing a hat. After making a joke to her friend about the strange man, he took off his cap and the girls were shocked – it was Channing!

Of course, Fanning and her friend were determined to capture the epic moment and ended up taking a photo that gives a blurred glimpse of the sexy star. She admits she was so star struck that she wanted to play it “cool” and didn’t directly ask for a photo. There is no doubt Fanning loves Channing Tatum for a few reasons, like, say, his chiseled physique, abs and oh, his dance moves. Here is a look at his workout.

Channing Tatum Workout

Channing Tatum is known for playing leading male roles which showcase his incredible body and muscular arms. To achieve his toned body, Tatum works with New York trainer William J. Harris. He usually gets in a 30-45 minute workout almost every day and complements his hard work in the gym with a proper diet which his trainer, Harris, says is the true secret to a lean body


An example of his workout routine can be seen from his regimen while filming for the movie Fighter. Channing Tatum had to complete four exercises in circuit training every day. He had to perform the same circuit continuously for 30 minutes. Repetition built his strength, endurance and stamina. He also did a lot of fight training specific for that film.

All his workouts include a warm up and cool down, which usually last for about five minutes each. As an example, his 30 minute circuit would include exercise sets of jumping rope, military presses, bench presses and push ups.

Channing Tatum also gets in excellent cardio by jumping rope. This is one way he gets his heart rate going, increasing his circulation. His workouts often take an athletic approach, according to the actor. This is obviously why he has such an athletic body.

On another day, his circuit might include hanging leg lifts, walking lunges, burpees and bodyweight squats. Tatum often has three days on and one day off from working out, in order to allow his muscles to rest and grow. Still, he does box jumps, military presses, and push ups. Tatum’s abs workout includes mountain climbers, sit ups and hanging leg raises.


Tatum follows the Paleo diet which focuses on clean eating. Foods like lean protein, vegetables that are low glycemic, and healthy fats that contain omega 3’s are encouraged. Tatum likes sticking with healthy foods like fish, organic fruit, chicken, eggs and green veggies. Carbs are avoided on this diet plan.

Plain yogurt, unsalted nuts like almonds, and green apples are some of his go-to snacks. These help Tatum to maintain his great figure while still enjoying tasty foods.


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