Felicity Jones Looks Incredibly Fit at Inferno Premier: Rogue One Star Credits Yoga & Healthy Food

Felicity Jones
Photo credit: Christopher Polk / Staff/Getty

Rogue One star Felicity Jones showed up at the Inferno premier looking absolutely stunning in a red strapless gown. Her toned arms and shoulders complemented her gorgeous and glowing face.

Jones is known as an academy nominated actress, but one other thing she is great at is tending to her healthy lifestyle. If you are wondering what she does to stay in such great shape, well, it’s a combination of yoga and healthy eating. Read on for the details.

Felicity Jones’s Fitness Routine

Felicity Jones is originally from England, and started her acting career there where she became a noteworthy actress in her own right, starring in television shows like Weirdsister College, The Worst Witch and Servants. She got recognized in the United States after starring in The Amazing Spider Man 2, and most recently in the critically acclaimed film, The Theory of Everything.


Jones is known for her appealing look, and it’s not a stretch to say she’s been blessed with some pretty great genes; however, even though she is naturally thin, she still takes care of her figure and doesn’t rely on genes alone. She eats right and exercises on the regular.

It really pays off, since fans are obsessed with her sculpted arms—but believe it or not, Jones is not your typical gym rat. She’s not a stickler about her workout routine, preferring to have an easy going attitude towards it. She enjoys working out at a gym/exercise place in East London where she does group classes. She loves doing yoga, swimming, and even boxing to stay in shape. Yoga also helps her to unwind.

When it comes to her diet plan, Jones stays strong with healthy eating. That’s what keeps her energized and helps her avoid unnecessary trips to the doctor. Jones does this by always eating a balanced breakfast each morning. It might include tea, some juice, an omelet, oatmeal, or whole wheat toast.

For lunch, Jones might have a delicious meal of protein and veggies. She eats fish or grilled chicken with a side of fruits or veggies, which add some fiber to her meal—fiber is a great addition to add in order to feel full and satisfied.


Felicity Jones also loves to snack throughout the day to keep her blood sugar levels under control. Because she loves food, she sticks to healthy options like nuts, yogurt, or fruit, but sometimes she cheats and eats things like burgers, muffins, and potato chips. Of course, she doesn’t do this on the regular—she only eats these cheat foods in moderation and once in a while.

For dinner, Jones likes the soup and sandwich combo, often times pairing a healthy soup with a tuna or chicken sandwich. The Felicity Jones fitness plan is easy to follow—try some yoga, boxing or swimming, and follow a healthy balanced diet.

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