Ferne McCann, Former TOWIE Star’s Extreme Workout to Stay in Shape

ferne mccann
Photo credit: Simon Earl / Splash News

Former The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) star Ferne McCann has been doing extreme workouts lately to get into and maintain her figure. To stay in shape, the English actress does a combination of activities including strength training, condition training, boxing, and cardio. McCann is five-foot eight-inches, and works hard to keep her figure slim and toned.

Her favorite exercise is boxing, and she does it on her own with her personal trainer or whoever is around to spar with her. The brunette beauty says she does a lot of bag work, then mixes cardio and weights into the routine. She tries to do this and other workouts at least three times a week. Her philosophy about body image is to appreciate what you have, and do the little things that make you feel good about yourself. McCann says she loves doing winged eyeliner; that makes her feel good about herself.

The actress loves her waist and says that she has “massive” hips, so creating the smallest part of her body, her waist, is something she loves. Her arms are her least favorite body part because she thinks they look too big, so she has been doing extra triceps dips at the gym to help create thinner, more muscular arms.


McCann Says She Has Never Been in Shape

Being in shape and being thin are two different things, and it seems the English actress is very much aware of this distinction. McCann says she has always exercised, but was always starting and stopping, so no real progress has ever been made—until now. The TOWIE star is determined to make a true effort to get in shape and develop a properly sculpted body.

McCann recently posted a video on Instagram showing herself working out with trainer Ricky McFarlane, a former rugby coach. In the video, McCann is doing overhead squats, which help to tone, condition, and improve posture. The 26-year-old is determined to let nothing stop her now.

McCann’s new workout plan is on the heels of a summer of fun. The actress was filming in Italy, and enjoyed a vacation in Ibiza with rumored boyfriend Arthur Collins. Feeling her best is the ultimate goal, but she admits that like most women, her weight does fluctuate. She broke her ankle last year and, as a result, put on some weight—enough that when she stepped out one night in a silver dress, people commented and were not too kind about it. Embracing body confidence is important for McCann, as is good health, but she says that feeling pressure at 25 to be a certain way isn’t right.

As for diet, McCann doesn’t diet, but rather focuses on making healthy choices and not starving herself or denying herself every day. She doesn’t cut out carbs or alcohol, or even Chinese food. The way she manages her food consumption doesn’t feel like a diet to her, though she says she rarely eats bread; although, she would be lying if she said she didn’t have some with dinner on occasion.


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