Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman Character to be honored by UN, Actress’ Intense Training for Super Fit Role Revealed

Gal Gadot
Photo credit: Kevin Winter / Staff/Getty

On Oct. 21 the United Nations will host a ceremony in New York to honor Wonder Woman, the famous character created in 1941. The ceremony will recognize Wonder Woman as a symbol of women’s empowerment and be attended by Gal Gadot, the latest actress to portray the iconic character.

Gal Gadot is almost like a real-life Wonder Woman. She served in the Israeli army as a fitness instructor, scales rock walls, mothers a young child, and rides a motorcycle. If that’s not nearly the perfect description of a superhero, what is? Oh, and she landed the role of Wonder Woman without even knowing she was auditioning!

Being Strong Mentally and Physically to Play Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is both physically and mentally strong, and Gal Gadot is, too. She knows how to build muscle and stay in shape using her body and mind—after all, she was responsible for keeping the Israeli military in shape. To get a lean, muscular body you have to be willing to work hard and not be afraid of weight gain.


In my experience, most women tend to shy away from weight training because they think it will make them appear big and bulky. Instead, they tend to focus their fitness routines on yoga and cardio machines, running for miles and miles and not really seeing the changes they hoped for.

Use Balance to Get The Results You Want

Yoga and cardio are great for your heart, minimizing injury, stress relief and staying in shape. But they don’t do much for muscle building, which is a very important part of losing fat, building shape and increasing strength. Muscle mass is extremely important, especially as you get older, so having as much as possible is important.

The most efficient way to build muscle is to perform resistance training with weights, body weight, bands or methods like Pilates. Because of lower testosterone and vast genetic differences, weight training won’t lead to big, bulky muscles like you see on Superman.

Gal Gadot’s Varied Workouts for a Wonder Woman Physique

Gadot wasn’t always physically strong, though. The former Miss Israel had a lot of work to do to get strong enough to play Wonder Woman, and according to Muscle & Fitness, she wasn’t able to perform a single pull-up at the beginning of her training.


As she progressed and got stronger, she used various techniques to challenge her body and build strength. Here’s a full-body workout she performed during her Wonder Woman training, initially appearing on the Muscle & Fitness web site:

  1. Rowing machine: 5 minutes; 1-2 minutes rest
  2. Rowing machine: 5 minutes; 1-2 minutes rest
  3. Bear crawl: 30 meters; walk back rest one minute before performing the next exercise
  4. Burpee with broad jump: 30 meters; walk back and rest one minute before performing next exercise.
  5. Crab walk: 30 meters; walk back and rest one minute before performing next exercise
  6. Burpee with broad jump: 30 meters; walk back and rest one minute before performing next exercise.
  7. General pull-up: 7 sets, 3 reps; 1-2 minutes rest
  8. Ring push-up: 5 sets, 3 reps; 1 minute rest


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