Gilmore Girls’ Fans Celebrate Series Return on Netflix with a GG Inspired Coffee Ice Cream Flavor

Gilmore Girls
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An ice cream named after your favorite show. How does that sound—or taste rather? Well, to know how it tastes, you have to head over to Brooklyn-based Ample Hills Creamery. If you are still wondering what are we talking about, we have a great news for Gilmore Girls fans.

Fans are overjoyed their favorite show is returning on Netflix, and now the show even has it’s own ice cream flavors! Ample Hills Creamery have named the ice cream after season three’s episode titled, They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They?—but with a twist—They Scoop Gilmores, Don’t They? It is a reference to Horace McCoy’s novel about a dance marathon, They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? The episode features the 24-hour dance contest and Rory’s (Alexis Bledel) break up with Dean (Jared Padalecki).

They Scoop Gilmores, Don’t They? ice cream is a fan-suggested flavor combining coffee, chocolate pudding, and snickerdoodle cookies with pink “Pop Tart” sprinkles.


The ice cream will be available at all Ample Hills Creamery locations across New York City starting this week. If you do not find one near you, or if you do not live in New York, don’t be disappointed. Ample Hills Creamery will ship it nationwide so that you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own home.

The “Gilmore Girls” love ice cream—Rory was even dubbed the “Ice Cream Queen” of Stars Hollow in one of the episodes. We think that is what may have prompted Ample Hills to come up with the new flavor!

More than 2,500 fans submitted their suggestions in a contest held in the first week of November, after which Ample Hills decided to introduce the new flavor.

Thank you to all those fans who participated in our #GilmoreGirlsIceCream contest! After combing through over 2,500 entries, we are thrilled to announce the winning flavor! They Scoop Gilmores, Don't They? Coffee (of course) chocolate pudding ice cream (because Emily is trying after all) but oy, with the snickerdoodles already– topped with pink [Pop Tart] sprinkles. There were so many excellent options, puns and flavor combinations that we couldn’t choose just one. The winning flavor is an amalgamation of three amazing suggestions: @pauline__beal’s allusion to Emily’s attempt at chocolate pudding, @ryebecca’s ingenius “oy with the snickerdoodles already” and @jjjmmd’s name– a reference to a reference to a reference. This flavor will be available at all our NYC scoop shops beginning this week and is available for nationwide shipping now! You can order individual pints in a Choose Your Own Story 5-Pack or opt for a Gilmore Girls-themed 4-Pack: Where You Lead, I Will Marshmallow (name suggested by Rebecca Phillips). Copper boom!


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You can order individual pints in a Choose Your Own Story five-pack. There is also a Gilmore Girls-themed four-pack, Where You Lead, I Will Marshmallow.

It has two pints of coffee chocolate pudding flavor, one pint of Snap, Mallow, Pop! ice cream and one pint of No Sleep Till Pumpkin ice cream. The No Sleep Till Pumpkin ice cream is coffee based with pumpkin butter cake pieces.
There is also a lucky four-pack which has a pack of red vines. You can enjoy the 64-ounces pack on a date night, a movie night or keep it for your sweet cravings.

Ample Hills says it had excellent options, puns, and flavor combinations which made it difficult for them to choose from. Apparently, the creamery has more surprises in store in the coming weeks.

The GG series explores issues of family, friendship, romance, ambition, education, work, love, and family. The miniseries, titled Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, will consist of four 90-minute episodes which will be released on November 25, 2016. Lauren Graham and Melissa McCarthy will reprise their roles in the series.



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