“Glee” Star Lea Michele Shows Her Toned Figure while She Enjoys Her Vacation

Lea Michele
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Stunning Glee actress, Lea Michele, is having a fun time on her vacation, absorbing the wonders of the sea, and proudly flaunting her incredibly fit body.

Lea Michele took to Instagram and posted a video that was captioned, “Vacation done right.” She is seen with a backdrop of the sea, and she reveals her well-toned and fit body.

Vacation done right. ✔️


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She also tweeted, “Nothing like a little Vitamin Sea.” Now, that definitely sounds like a wonderful way to enjoy a vacation!

The Glee star also talked to Extra about her Christmas plans earlier in the month, saying that she would be celebrating an Italian-style Christmas by indulging in some pasta.

She also talked about her family Christmas plans, saying, “I think I am going to do one of those paint and sip things [for Christmas with her mom and dad].” Here is a YouTube video in which she discusses her Christmas plans for her family.

She kept the festive spirit up by wishing all her fans on Instagram as well. She posted, “Merry Christmas everyone!” with an image of a Christmas tree ornament.

Merry Christmas everyone! 🎁✨🎄❤

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She probably indulged in a hiking stint during her Christmas vacation as revealed in this video posted on Twitter.

How does she maintain her fit physique? Here’s a sneak peek into her workout and diet regimens.

How to Stay in Shape like Lea Michele

Michele is passionate about working out. She recently told Shape magazine, “I love it. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in, and I have a healthy relationship with my body. I’m in a really good place right now.”

The Scream Queens actress who recently tweeted, “That’s a wrap! Thanks for watching with us. #ScreamQueens,” has been flaunting her incredibly fit body on social media.

She seems to be happier and healthier, and said, “The mind and body results after you do a workout you enjoy are incredible.”

She revealed that it was important for her to be active, eat well, and take care of herself. When it comes to workouts, she said, “Find three workouts you enjoy so that you can choose what you need on any given day. I’m addicted to SoulCycle. I love the mentality in the room, the sense of community, and the fact that it’s fantastic exercise…”

She also posted a photograph on Instagram in the recently, which was captioned, “Starting the day right! @soulcycle w/ @canditab. [sic]”

Starting the day right! @soulcycle w/ @canditab 🚲💦😀

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Apart from SoulCycle, she also also includes Core Power Hot Yoga. She said, “…I just started this new workout I love called The Studio MDR, which is sort of like an extreme version of Pilates.” Here is an Instagram post in which she is seen practicing yoga.

Best way to end the day is with a little Namaste 🙏🏻

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She likes to exercise, go hiking, swim, and bike. She is a person who believes in setting goals and achieving them, and this is a wonderful thing to learn from the body confident Glee star.

Lea Michele’s Diet Plan

Michele believes in eating healthy. She confessed that she was a vegetarian for almost 10 years before she introduced meat back into her diet.

She usually starts off her day with avocado toast or a green smoothie. This is also confirmed by one of her recent posts on Instagram.

Welcome to New York🗽❤️

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She likes to have salad for lunch, which could be a kale, Caesar, or spinach artichoke salad. When it comes to dinner, she would probably have a bowl of pasta or maybe a pizza if she is dining out.

She indulges in some smart snacking and has slices of oranges through the day. She also keeps hummus, carrots, and blueberries on hand.

She believes in having her cheat days, and her favorite foods include pizza, mac and cheese, a dessert consisting of cheese plate, and Wisconsin cheddar over chocolate cake.

When she is at home, she prefers not to indulge in meat. She told InStyle, “When I’m home, I keep my diet vegetarian, almost vegan, and gluten-free.”

During her shoots, she prefers to have a protein like quinoa or tofu and a salad, which is light and still gives her the energy she needs. She said, “It’s important to eat foods that fuel you and give you energy because a lot of carbs will tire you out”

Lea Michele is enjoying her vacation, and it’s packed with “Vitamin Sea.” Fans can definitely adopt her healthy lifestyle and fitness philosophy to stay in shape and achieve a fit body like the Glee star.

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