Golden Globes 2017: What Food Will the Diet Conscious Stars Enjoy?

Golden Globes 2017: What Food Will the Diet Conscious Stars be served?
BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JANUARY 03: A dish on display during The Beverly Hilton unveils the menu for the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 3, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

The Golden Globes 2017 are just around the corner, and although many of us will be focusing on what the stars are wearing and who wins the big awards, some of us will be thinking about the delicious food the celebrities get to eat.

The theme for this year’s award show is “Italian meets California,” as described by the Beverly Hilton’s Executive Chef Alberico Nunziata. Chef Nunziata revealed some of the key menu items, which include seafood, with over 800 pounds of Chilean bass; 4,000 pounds of vegetables; and 600 pounds of filet mignon with a mushroom risotto. The meal is expected to feed the 1,300 guests who will be attending the glamorous event.

Once the main course is enjoyed, guests will be delighted with a dessert created by Pastry Chef Thomas Henzi. Henzi explained the dessert, telling Entertainment Tonight: “Everybody loves chocolate, so we always include it. The nominees and the presenters eat before the awards ceremony starts, so some still want to look very svelte in their dresses when they go up on stage. This won’t show up till Tuesday, so they can clean the plate.”


As for what the guests will be drinking, there will be plenty of delicious cocktails to go around, with over 1,500 Moet minis, 500 signature cocktails, and 125 cases of Moet and Chandon.

Stars Shine at the Golden Globes

This year’s Golden Globes will be held on Sunday, January 8, 2017, premiering on NBC 8 p.m. ET. Jimmy Fallon is set to host the event, which means he will be cracking plenty of jokes.

This year you can expect to see all of your favorite actors and actresses walking the red carpet and enjoying the extravagant meal. Big names like Nicole Kidman, Mandy Moore, Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield, Denzel Washington, Viola Davis, and many more are nominated for big awards for their respective roles.

Furthermore, hit TV shows like This is Us, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and Westworld were all nominated, too. Big films of 2016 including Arrival, Noctural Animals, La La Land, Fences, Sing, Zootopia, and Moonlight received nominations as well.


But the Golden Globes isn’t just about TV and film, some of 2016’s best tunes came from motion pictures, including the smash hit, “Can’t Stop The Feeling,” sung by Justin Timberlake for the movie Trolls, and “How Far Will I Go” from the Disney flick Moana.

As you can see, the Golden Globes brings together the best of the best in TV, movie, and song, so you won’t want to miss all the action when it airs tonight.


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