Gwyneth Paltrow on 44th Birthday Posts Makeup-Free Selfie: Beauty and Fitness Secrets Revealed

Gwyneth Paltrow
Photo credit: Splash News

Celebrity Libran Gwyneth Paltrow celebrated her 44th birthday with a make-up free selfie on September 27. The mom-of-two was glowing in an interview with ET Online a few months prior to her birthday, where she talked about how she enjoys aging gracefully and even loves her wrinkles!

Paltrow is not looking to turn back the clock and become 27 again—although she does look pretty close to it! Instead, Paltrow credits her overall glow to all the ways she cares for herself: her skincare routine, exercise, nutrition, and of course, balance. She still loves her red wine, vodka, and cheese.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Fitness

Gwyneth Paltrow maintains a younger look by following a simple diet and workout regimen. Paltrow’s fitness is very important to her, and she does one hour of cardio, four days a week. She combines this with portion control. She knows that eating more food one week might mean she has to do more cardio, so she uses how much she eats as a guide to how much she works out.


Gwyneth also believes in the power of visualization to help her set her goals. For example, she will set a goal—like fitting into a pair of shorts—and use that as motivation to succeed, and it tends to work well for her.

Visualization is a great way to set goals, and it can be as simple as setting small goals for yourself like Paltrow. It can be visualizing yourself eating celery instead of cheese, or imagining yourself in the bikini you want to buy for your upcoming vacation. Positive thinking leads to positive results.

She works with a personal trainer who helps her burn calories through weight lifting and other strength training exercises. Paltrow believes in light toning of muscles, and personally would not lift more than three pounds, but still supports women who like a more muscular look.

Paltrow starts her day with a cup of green tea, which is packed with antioxidants—after, she’ll have a protein shake with blueberries, almond milk, and vitamin supplements. After her first workout, she enjoys a low-carb lunch with kale juice. She avoids all processed foods, and sticks to meals like turkey kale soup for dinner to keep things light.


Paltrow enjoys snacking in between meals, and she sticks to healthy options. To keep herself energized, she eats raw almonds, coconut water, raisins, lemon juice, kale juice, and lots of water. Drinking plenty of water keeps her skin clear and her body hydrated.

The best thing about Gwyneth Paltrow’s beautiful glow is that it’s a result of her moderate lifestyle. She indulges in foods she loves, like fries and cake, because she believes that deprivation can cause anxiety and depression and an overall unhealthy relationship to food.

In not taking herself too seriously, sticking with her workout routine and eating cleanly the majority of the time, Paltrow manages to stay youthful both inside and out. She is a true believer in all the components of healthy living and self-care.

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