Gwyneth Paltrow Reveals Super Toned Abs on Mexico Beach, Credits Balanced Diet for Fit Body

Gwyneth Paltrow
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Gwyneth Paltrow has every reason to flaunt her super-toned abs in Mexico. The actress was recently spotted on vacation in Cabo San Lucas celebrating her 44th birthday. She brought along some of her closest friends and family, making it a grown-up’s only trip, and enjoyed her stay by hanging out on the beach and relaxing. Sounds dreamy, right?

Also noteworthy is how good Paltrow looked in the black and white bikini she was photographed in. Let’s find out how Gwyneth Paltrow keeps her incredible figure into her forties.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Balanced Diet and Workout Regimen

Judging by photos from her birthday vacation, Paltrow is looking better than ever. She flaunted her toned legs, flat stomach and overall killer bod, while she tied up her blonde tresses and sported a pair of chic black sunglasses that complemented her bathing suit nicely. She’s doing pretty well as a mom of two.


#tbt Monday when @jcvn40 caught me in an epic nap on the beach

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#nomakeup for my 44th birthday, embracing my past and future. Thank you for the instalove #goopgoesmakeupfree @goop


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As some people may already know, Paltrow launched her lifestyle brand, Goop, a few years back. Since then, it has expanded to include clothing. The line consists of basic items – the wardrobe essentials – like button downs, a white tote and a tweed jacket. Apparently, Paltrow plans to release around five new items every month to accompany the changes of the season.

What about fitness and diet? Surely, that’s what most people want to know – how does Gwyneth Paltrow keep her amazing figure? Well, the truth is that Paltrow has a workout regimen. She works out with celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson.

She has followed a consistent regimen for a decade that has her doing Anderson’s routines five days per week. Anderson shared with an interviewer from InStyle how dedicated and committed Paltrow is to “connecting to her body.”

She credits her consistency to her amazing results. She also shared two exercises that she does with Paltrow. These exercises tend to help with sculpting and toning her muscles. The first exercise involved three-pound weights and was targeted on her arms. The second was a full-body workout that starts with plank and engages the whole body – arms, core, legs, thighs and glutes.

Paltrow likes to keep her diet balanced. She is a Libra, after all. Gwyneth shares that she does value nutrition and believes in consuming whole foods. She avoids processed foods, junk foods, and foods that contain chemicals and pesticides. Some of her guilty pleasures include French fries, vodka, and cheese (can you blame her?).

Judging by her social media posts, Paltrow believes very strongly in making her own meals. She buys a lot of fresh and organic produce, meat and fish. She has even showcased her skills when it comes to making fresh, homemade pasta. This is pretty impressive, but not uncommon for a foodie.

There are reports that Paltrow may also sometimes follow an alkaline diet to keep her pH levels balanced. An alkaline diet eliminates or reduces dairy, grains and meat as well as sugar from the diet to reduce acidity accumulating in the body – which allegedly breeds disease. It’s obviously not something she does often, though, as she loves food too much to eliminate it all.

One thing she did mention to Yahoo Beauty is how much she loves Tracy Anderson’s workouts and that they’re actually a huge reason why she eats so many of the foods she loves. Diet and exercise work together in a harmonious way for her.

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