Hailey Baldwin Flaunts Bikini Body in Tiny Two Piece on Instagram, the only Social Media Justin Bieber’s Ex Uses Now

Hailey Baldwin Flaunts Bikini Body in Tiny Two Piece on Instagram, the only Social Media Justin Bieber’s Ex Uses Now
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Hailey Baldwin showed off her bikini body on Instagram this week with a picture of her in a colorful bikini by a body of water. The model is wearing sunglasses and has wet hair, posing much like she would for a photo shoot.

The model and bestie with Gigi Hadid, has recently deleted her Facebook account (though temporarily, she says) and Snapchat. The reason? During her Australian tour, she told the Sun Herald that she decided to delete the accounts because they make her “really distracted sometimes.”

back in the freezing cold 😤 – 📸 @adamfranzino


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Many people can easily agree with that statement. She won’t suffer too much from it because her Instagram account has 8 million followers. Baldwin further revealed in the interview, “I was getting so sucked into watching and reading things I just didn’t want to know.” Perhaps that statement is referring to the negative comments she received when dating Justin Bieber earlier this year.

Her Twitter account is handled by an employee, and when Baldwin feels she has something to say, she has that person load it up since she doesn’t have the app on her phone, she says.


How Hailey Baldwin Gets That Bikini Bod

It’s easy to get a body like Baldwin’s if you follow these simple steps: exercise, eat green vegetables, consume organic foods as much as possible, follow a metabolic detox to flush toxins from your system, and follow a healthy eating plan. It seems to work for her and is what she does to stay fit and healthy. Eating right and exercising regularly are bullet proof methods for having and maintaining a lean body and feeling good and healthy. It really is as simple as that.

Baldwin, 19, has some incredibly toned abs and often shows them off on her Instagram account, such as this pic for a shoot for GUESS. Those abs are thanks to workouts and regular yoga practice.

new @guess 1981 denim

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The model has many magazine covers to her name as well as a major campaign with Tommy Hilfiger. She is also no stranger to the fashion week runways, though she didn’t make the cut for this year’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show held in Paris earlier this month. It’s a dream of hers, so perhaps next year will be her turn to walk the catwalk for VS.

In an October interview with the Daily Mail, Baldwin shared her catwalk desires. “I want to walk in the Victoria’s Secret show. It’s every girl’s dream.”

Baldwin follows a clean diet that is low on gluten products, sugar, and dairy. She tries to be strict about eating for her skin and body, meaning there are certain foods that promote clearer skin and a less bloated abdomen. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t bend the rules on occasion, especially when she is on vacation.

The budding model says that she went to the Maldives not too long ago and felt it was “super lavish, indulgent” and was eating whatever she wanted when there because “you’ve got to take advantage of those moments.”


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