Health Food

The term “health food” has been thrown around a lot these days; so what exactly constitutes health food? Well, we believe that if you choose the right health food in your diet, you can live a long and healthy life.

Rather than turning to the opposite of health food (we’re looking at you, junk food), you should choose food items that make you feel better and energized, and leave you feeling full. That’s what health food really does. If a food item is labeled or considered a “health food,” then that means it goes above and beyond the benefits of regular food for human nutrition. In the U.S., for a food item to use a health claim, it must be able to explain the way the health food directly reduces the risk of a certain illness. For example, you’ve probably seen probiotic-enriched yogurt with a health food claim. That’s because so many studies have shown that probiotic bacteria is good for your gut, and your body.

So what items should you include in your health food list? You should switch refined, white grains for healthy whole grains. Next, add nuts and olive oil to your list of healthy food. And don’t forget about getting enough fruits and vegetables all day long. What will this achieve? You’ll feel better, look better, and reduce your chances of suffering from a chronic illness. If health food can do all that, sign me up!

But health food goes even further. Adding these types of food into your diet will help you ward off illness, keep your bones strong, and your body healthy.