Heidi Klum Halloween Costume: Project Runway’s Judge Follows a Balanced Diet to Get in Shape before Halloween

Heidi Klum
Photo credit: Mike Windle / Staff/Getty

Project Runway’s judge Heidi Klum recently gave fans a sneak peak of her Halloween costume on Instagram, although it’s hard to know what exactly the stunning model is going to be dressed up as.

Klum is sensationally fit, so let’s find out how she stays in such incredible shape as a model, business woman, and mother of four.

Heidi Klum’s Healthy Lifestyle

In case you didn’t know, Heidi Klum has a rocking bod. She is known for her long, lean, and strong figure; for owning the catwalk as a model; and for making designers’ creations come to life on her toned frame.

Is it any wonder why the company New Balance contacted Klum to get help creating a new line of active wear? Klum has been collaborating with New Balance for four years now as the project has been developing.

Klum is very enthusiastic about the project, and shared with People magazine that she’s always wanted to bring fashion to the gym. What’s especially interesting though is that this project is really close to Klum, because she can totally relate to those moments we all have when we don’t want to go to the gym and lose motivation. Truthfully, Klum says she has those days too, but what encourages her to push through is to listen to some great music and put on a cute workout outfit!

Currently, her favorite music to listen to while at the gym is hip-hop, although she didn’t disclose any specific artists. She did go on to explain that the beat in hip-hop songs really keeps her going even when she wants to stop. When it comes to the cute workout outfits, Klum says she is super obsessed with her sexy bra and rocker leggings—and she does have a point—when you look good, you really feel good about yourself too. So, it makes sense that she looks forward to looking great while she exercises.

Klum shared that she tries to build her workouts into her already busy lifestyle—she is somewhat of a jack-of-all-trades as she juggles many titles, including being a mom. She tries to go to the park or go swimming with her children, keeping active while spending quality time with them. That’s also her way of working out consistently. It’s not a rigid workout routine that requires her to be in the gym every day—there is a lot of variety and activity going on that fits with her lifestyle.

Klum actually says that keeping up with her four kids is really the best form of exercise. They all love to be outdoors and enjoy different activities like hiking, biking, and walking with their three dogs.

Fun fact: in the summer, they have wild dance parties at the house where they later jump into the pool to cool off—sounds super fun, right? Klum really believes in prioritizing activity and movement for her children versus sitting in front of the television. Those are healthy habits she follows as a part of her healthy lifestyle. She also follows a balanced diet and gets in some exercise every single day—consistency pays off, folks.

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