Hilary Duff Instagrams Fish Caught for Lunch—Jason Walsh’s Girlfriend Follows Healthy Diet for Bikini Body

Hilary Duff Instagrams Fish Caught for Lunch—Jason Walsh’s Girlfriend Follows Healthy Diet for Bikini Body
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Three days ago, Hilary Duff took to Instagram to show off her spear fishing skills. “Caught this today spear fishing!!! 🐟🐠the only reason I don’t feel terrible is because I’m eating it for lunch. [sic]” She and boyfriend, Jason Walsh, are on vacation in a tropical location doing all kinds of touristy things it seems, including fishing and then eating said caught fish. The picture also shows off the singer’s great bikini body.

Caught this today spear fishing!!! 🐟🐠the only reason I don't feel terrible is because I'm eating it for lunch 🌮🌮

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The Younger star and her boyfriend are off on an adult-only escape for a short time, enjoying some down time in a warmer climate. Duff looked toned and fit in the Instagram pic, and it begs the question if her trainer boyfriend has helped the actress up her fitness game a bit to help her stay in shape. The two left LAX on Friday for their tropical vacation. A location hasn’t been given, but by all appearances it looks like it could possibly be Hawaii. Duff, 29, visits Maui often with her four-year-old son. Maybe her son Luca is hanging out with auntie Haylie Duff this week while mom gets some much needed R&R.

How Hilary Duff Stays in Great Shape

A former Disney star, Hilary Duff is in superb shape as can be seen in her latest Instagram pictures. Her weight has fluctuated over the years; particularly after she gave birth to her son, she found it difficult to bounce back. The actress has developed a realistic attitude about weight and dieting over the years, though she admits that when she was in her late teens she was skinny and unhealthy at 98 pounds.

It took Duff over a year and half to lose her pregnancy weight, but she did it right by avoiding fad diets and not pushing herself too hard at the gym. She gave up crash dieting in her twenties and now believes in eating right, moderation, and exercising regularly. Eating and drinking are two things she enjoys, and she refuses to deny herself those simple pleasures.


Her diet includes portion control and a low-carb diet but includes a high protein-diet as well. If she eats a piece of bread, she won’t have dessert that day. She loves to eat sandwiches, but she doesn’t eat them often. Breakfast is often oatmeal with a scoop of almond butter, or a shake made with vegetables, egg white protein, and fruit. She stops eating completely at 6:00 p.m.—no exceptions allowed.

Duff loves to do Pilates, and she tries to do it about five times a week.  Running, weight training, and swimming are other activities she enjoys doing to help keep her stay in shape. One of the workout tricks that she learned from a trainer is to “bookend” workouts with a cardio exercise. This means that Duff starts with the treadmill then does some other activity in the middle—such as jumping, using a medicine ball, dead lifts and hip thrusts—and then completes the workout with more time on the treadmill.


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