Irina Shayk Pregnant, Bradley Cooper’s Girlfriend Managed to Dazzle at VS Fashion Show 2016

Irina Shayk
Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty

It looks like Irina Shayk is pregnant with boyfriend Bradley Cooper’s baby, whom she has been dating since mid-2015. Overall, the two have managed to keep their relationship private and with very little media exposure, but it looks like this is one thing they were unable to keep away from the press.

Shayk, 30, was a model at this week’s VS Fashion Show 2016, where she made her runway debut. Her outfit was covered with a red lacey kimono that cleverly covered her stomach area so as not to expose her growing baby bump.

Throughout the show, Shayk kept her midriff covered up, at one time donning a trench coat to walk down the catwalk, and backstage she kept on a pink Victoria’s Secret silk robe.


According to one insider close to the couple, the model is already in her second trimester and is really excited about becoming a mom. Neither of their reps provided any comments to the media so far on the pregnancy news.

How Irina Shayk Gets Her Bikini Body

Shayk, who hails from Russia, got international attention as a model when she landed her first lingerie contract, and through an appearance in Sports Illustrated magazine in 2007.

She’s a down to earth woman who, even though she needs to watch what she eats and how her figure looks, will happily eat hamburgers and chicken nuggets, and doesn’t care if she is caught on camera without any makeup on.

A self-proclaimed fitness fanatic, the model does admit that good genes play a hand in how her figure looks, but that doesn’t mean she can get away without regular workouts. In an interview with Yahoo news, she said “I have good genes but of course you have to push yourself to go to the gym…When I’m going to be 35, I still want to look good. My other problem is I love to eat, I love my food. I love hamburgers, I love chicken nuggets.”


Balancing her love for foods that aren’t necessarily good for her means working out, and she is aware of that. Pushing herself to do better is her philosophy. “You cannot wake up and see yourself in the mirror and think ‘I look great so I can just relax’, you have to always push yourself to be better.”

When she goes to the gym, she always pushes herself to work harder and keeps her routine varied by mixing up the kinds of activities she does. A little boxing, some time with her personal trainer, and using the Pilates machines are all regular activities she does to keep her shape. She tends to work out for an hour at the gym and will then spend another hour running.

“Cardio’s always good,” she says. “It makes you sweat, it’s the best. If you love to run, it’s the best, just to sweat it out.” Being thin is not her end goal at all; she’d rather have a well-toned figure and wants to feel good.

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