Is Kim Zolciak Returning to The Real Housewives of Atlanta? Cynthia Bailey’s Co-star’s Fitness Secrets Revealed

Is Kim Zolciak Returning to The Real Housewives of Atlanta? Cynthia Bailey’s Co-star’s Fitness Secrets Revealed
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It seems Kim Zolciak might be returning to The Real Housewives of Atlanta after a four-year absence. Over the years, rumors have swirled that she’d be returning at some point, but this time it might be for real. NeNe Leakes posted a comment about it on Twitter, but Zolciak has denied her casting in the show once again, saying she has no idea where Leakes got that information. However, cast member Cynthia Bailey has confirmed that Zolciak is making an appearance at Sheree Whitfield’s housewarming this season. Fans will just have to wait and see what happens.

In an interview with People Now, Bailey said that “I don’t know what is going to happen in the future. All the original cast from the Housewives, I always take my hat out to them because they started the whole thing. Without them, we wouldn’t be here. So, hey — if it’s gonna make the show better and you want to jump on the team and help keep this show no. 1, then by all means, come.” Sounds like a welcome invitation for Zolciak from at least one cast member.

Over the past months, Zolciak’s body has been transforming and becoming much leaner, and her waist has been shrinking. The 37-year-old posted a smashing photo of herself on social media, showing off her bikini body just in time for the summer months. And with a body like that, it is almost hard to believe that she is a mom to six children. So how does she do it?


Kim Zolciak’s Diet and Workout Secrets

In an interview with E! News, Zolciak shared many of her tips to staying thin and fit as an active and busy mom of six kids. Her top secret is water. “I think getting ready for bikini season is water. No matter what you really eat, if you hydrate, and drink lots and lots of water, everything’s flushing out your system.”

Many celebs have said similar things about water. Jennifer Lopez, for example, drinks copious amounts of water, and always loads up on it before and after workouts in particular.

Cardio workouts are essential for this returning housewife and really for anyone who wants to achieve a strong, tight body. But hitting the gym isn’t the only way to get those workouts in she says. “Just chasing my kids [works], like I don’t sit down. I tell my husband, I generally don’t work out a lot, I’m not at the gym two hours a day. I don’t have time for that unfortunately.” Lots of moms’ echo Zolciak’s sentiment, saying they too simply don’t have time to go to the gym, so making it work with the time and situation you are in is essential.

As for her diet, Zolciak says she doesn’t eat red meat mostly because she doesn’t like it. “I didn’t grow up on it. I just don’t like it. There’s no other reason. I do eat chicken and poultry. I think that probably helps.” Another thing that helps her stay fit according to her? Wine at almost every meal.


So, those are the three Zolciak tips to looking fabulous: stay hydrated, don’t eat red meat, and do lots and lots of cardio. Another little secret of hers? Doing a cleanse diet every few months.



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