Iskra Lawrence’s Body-Shaming Protest: Size 14 Model Believes in Balanced Diet to Stay Fit

Iskra Lawrence
Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer / Stringer / Getty

Size 14 model Iskra Lawrence has become a positive advocate against body-shaming. The 26-year-old delivered an empowering speech on accepting your body in an unconventional way. She did this by stripping on a packed New York City subway car. It was an epic performance that was met with applause from most travelers.

In the video, Lawrence makes herself vulnerable so people can see the journey she has come on with her body and how she feels about herself.

The YouTube video has had over 45,000 views since it was posted on Sunday, Nov. 20. Lawrence took off her black dress and revealed her bra and underwear, and this is where commuters began to pay attention.


In the video, Lawrence spoke passionately on the importance of not letting your self-worth be determined by the media and societal beauty norms. Lawrence explained that she grew up with insecurities, like her lack of a thigh gap and her cellulite, and an overall belief that she wasn’t thin enough.

Lawrence believes that a body should not be objectified. For the model, her body is a vessel that should be respected, and she doesn’t want to be judged for what she wears. She then urged the crowd to appreciate their bodies when they look in the mirror, and not to become consumed with insecurities from society.

Iskra Lawrence hoped to change people’s perception about their bodies with her performance on the subway car. In an Instagram post with the full video, she says that choosing to empower each other begins right now with the choices we make each day.

This is the end of a very special video 👆watch the full vid now- link in my bio👆 for @highqualityhumanbeings & their series…. Now more than ever we need to share our voices. Minorities, POC, women, the LGBTQ+ community, we all have so much power and the more we share, listen & learn from each other we can grow. Hopefully one day we can all live a non judgemental world full of love for one another. Appreciating the value in others and ourselves. Knowing we are equal and choosing to empower each other. It starts rn and it's the choices we make everyday. S/o to the incredible team🙏 director @alexandra_gavillet shot by @wendybowman_ produced by @natashagaroosi ILY (you gotta watch the full video to understand y I'm stood there not wearing full clothes)


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Many people of social media praised Lawrence for her impactful and bold gesture.

What is Iskra Lawrence’s Diet and Healthy Lifestyle?

The English model also revealed how she maintains her fabulous curves. Her secret is that she doesn’t do any fad diets, and instead she sustains her hourglass figure with a balanced diet and a flexible workout routine with lots of squats.

The model hasn’t dieted since she was a teenager, which was about seven years ago. Iskra Lawrence admittedly enjoys cheat days; she’ll eat pizza with her girlfriends and will drink green juice in the morning. Lawrence works hard to become the best version of herself, and does a lot of research on nutrition.

Lawrence has a packed schedule, and doesn’t always have time to hit the gym. That being said, her workouts will include skipping rope, abs exercises, weight training, yoga, boxing, and Pilates. When Iskra Lawrence only has time for a 30-minute workout, she does squats.

Iskra Lawrence first realized around 18-years-old that instead of trying to change her body to fit into a particular size, she would change the fashion industry instead. Lawrence models for and is the global role model of American Eagle Outfitters brand, Aerie.

The beauty is also the managing editor at Runway Riot, which is a website dedicated as an outlet for women of all shapes to learn about glamour. The blonde beauty is also a brand ambassador for National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), and created the NEDA Inspires Award. In 2016, she was also chosen as one of the BBC’s 100 Women.

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