Jessica Alba & Jenna Dewan set Fitness Goals for Moms!

Jessica Alba & Jenna Dewan set Fitness Goals for Moms!
Credit: Marco Garcia / Stringer / Getty

Famous moms like Jessica Alba and Jenna Dewan always seem to return to their slender physiques within weeks of giving birth—but it’s no fluke. These superstars set lofty fitness goals so they can lose the excess weight quickly.

Of course, starting a weight training program, getting back to the spin classes, dance classes, yoga, or whatever you fancy should not be your top priority. After all, there is a new baby that’s relying on you to be there, and you’ve got a lot of work to do. And not only does your baby need you, but your body also won’t necessarily be ready to get back on the grind—giving birth is a traumatic experience for even fittest people among us!

Getting Back To Exercise

After giving birth, it’s best to give your body some time to recover before jumping into exercise. You may notice some pain, movement limitations, and some differences at first, so easing back into activity is recommended. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t do any cardio or light training; you’re just going to want to pace yourself during the comeback. For example, Jenna Dewan told InStyle that she incorporated some cardio and strength training into the pre-bedtime routine for baby Everly. Because she knew she’d be rocking her baby to bed for 40 minutes, she said she walked back and forth, performed lunges, squats, and other movements that could be done safely with baby in hand. When she got back to her regular routine, she used things like dance classes, spin classes, strength training and weight training—basically picking up where she left off.


You don’t need to take that much time off, but you should follow the directions of your doctor and incorporate exercise as your feel capable.

Diet Matters

Both Alba and Dewan maintain healthy diets that made it pretty easy to limit weight gain during pregnancy and lose whatever was gained quickly. Dewan is a vegetarian that eats plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes, using spices to add flavor (which may also boost metabolism). A diet like this makes it pretty hard to gain weight!

Alba also eats a healthy diet, telling the Huffington Post she gave up on processed foods a long time ago, sticking to things “cooked in a kitchen as opposed to a factory.” Alba builds her diet around low-glycemic carbs (also called “complex” carbs), lean protein, and fresh vegetables, eating fruit sparingly. And while she isn’t a big fan of exercise, Alba does recognize its importance and focuses on cardio, strength training, circuit training and leading an active life.

There are some training programs that can help you lose the baby bulge, too. A popular one was created by celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza (who trained Jessica Alba), called “Ramona’s 3-2-1 Baby Bulge Be Gone. You can learn more about it here.



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