JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers’ Wedding Update: “The Bachelorette” Star Plans Chipotle for Their Big Day

JoJo Fletcher, Jordan Rodgers
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With rife rumors about JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers splitting, US Weekly confirms that the couple are still together. Though the couple is tight-lipped about their wedding date and venue, they have shared the menu for their special day.

“I am big on floral arrangements but also, and this is crucial, a late-night Chipotle mini burrito bar for guests as they are leaving,” Fletcher shared during her interview. Fletcher and Rodgers both love Chipotle and so they want to include it in their wedding menu.

The couple receives lots of love from their fans but the criticisms are also not far away. With an unannounced wedding date, their relationship is always thought to be on the rocks. The couple mentions they are enjoying each other’s company while residing in Dallas. The Bachelorette star admits the very first time she met Rodgers, she realized there is something special between them.


Fletcher celebrated her 26th birthday on November 1, and took to Instagram to share the pics.

…. Yes, sadly (but not really, more like amazing) we ate that entire piece of cake. And LOVED IT. 👊🏻🎂

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The huge cake looked delicious with white icing and topped with fresh berries. Though Fletcher mentions she ate the whole cake, she does stick to healthy eating otherwise.

JoJo Fletcher’s Fitness Routine

Fletcher did not get her bikini body overnight and she worked hard for it. She confidently flaunts her tight and toned body, flat abs, and lean muscles. She has been athletic since she was a child. During her childhood, she loved playing basketball, volleyball, and running track.

She told US Weekly she works out few times a week and does cardio like spin classes or StairMaster. She also loves outdoor workouts like running in the park with her dog, Jackson. It helps her be active and is great fun! She loves to do light weight exercises with weights ranging from 10 to 12 pounds. She prefers using weight machines as they help her to move her body correctly.

Fletcher admits that due to her love of food, it is sometimes hard to diet. “Dieting is hard for me,” Fletcher told US Weekly in their June issue. “I love food too much… I love Mexican food and truffle mac ’n’ cheese — anything cheesy!”

Fletcher tries to adhere to an all-around healthy lifestyle by consuming a balance diet and some occasional indulgences. With her increasing age, she is concerned about eating out daily and thus relies on home cooked meals. She cooks a lot of her own meals with fresh, healthy foods. She is good at making quesadillas, she says. Restaurant food contains high sodium, fat, calories, sugar, and other preservatives and additives, so eating out less frequently makes a huge difference. It is always easy and healthy to grill a piece of chicken and steam some broccoli.

Having a healthy body is not difficult with healthy eating, regular workouts and occasional indulgences. Even a walk outdoors or some indoor exercises can also help get closer to the body which JoJo Fletcher flaunts.