Julia Roberts Preparing for TV Series Debut in Adaptation of Maria Semple’s Today Will Be Different

Julia Roberts Preparing for TV Series Debut in Adaptation of Maria Semple’s Today Will Be Different
Credit: Emma McIntyre / Stringer / Getty

Oscar-winning actress and silver screen star Julia Roberts has signed on to make her TV series debut as Maria Semple’s smart and snarky Eleanor Flood in an upcoming adaptation of the novel Today Will Be Different. The show will mark the first time that Roberts as acted as the lead in a series on the small screen. While the project has yet to be picked up by a network, there is no doubt that Roberts will do an amazing job bringing Flood to life in what is set to be a limited series. While Roberts may be able to relate to her character in terms of their roles as mothers, they share at least one physical interest as well: yoga. Read on to discover Julia Roberts’ challenging fitness routine.

Julia Roberts’ Fitness

Roberts is known for her long and lean figure that has been a constant throughout her career. This is thanks in part to her personal trainer, Kathy Kaehler, whom she has worked with for the past 10 years. Her fitness schedule is grueling, demanding a mandatory 90-minute workout five days a week. Her regimen includes a mix of Pilates, yoga, strength training, and aerobics and ensures that her whole body is worked every week.

Each day of the week has a different focus and its own unique combination of moves. Every day’s workout begins with 20-40 minutes of step aerobics to get her heart rate and energy levels up. Mondays start the week off with a full-body workout and include push-ups, one-minute planks, squats, lunges, and crunches. On Tuesdays, she completes a Pilates-based workout to help tone her muscles and improve flexibility. Roberts completes double-leg lifts, scissor kicks, bent leg lifts, elevated clams, and criss crosses. Wednesdays are all about building core strength and tightening her tummy. One-minute planks are performed three times, as well as two sets of double hip lifts and full plank leg lifts. Thursday switches the focus to Roberts’ arms as she completes three to four sets of 15 shoulder presses, front raises, bicep curls, chest flys, and tricep extensions. Trainer Kaehler recommends using 5-10 lb. dumbbells for these moves. Finally, Friday is reserved for yoga. The actress’ routine consists of Sun Salutations, Reverse Warrior pose, Chair pose, Low Boat pose, one-arm side planks, forearm plank and leg lifts, and Temple pose. After five days of hard work, the Academy Award-winning actress takes the weekend to rest and recuperate before starting it all again on Monday.


Julia Roberts’ strict workout routine keeps her in amazing shape, and there is no doubt that she will be fit and ready once filming of her new project begins. When the show is inevitably picked up, I, for one, will most certainly be tuning in!


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