Justin Timberlake Gives Pizza Treat to Fans for JT + the Tennessee Kids Premiere, Happy Father Looks Uber

Justin Timberlake
Photo credit: Kevin Winter / Staff /Getty

There is no better way to celebrate than with pizza, and it’s even better when it’s Justin Timberlake providing it!

Timberlake celebrated the release of Justin Timberlake + The Tennessee Kids by shocking his fans with a cheesy surprise. He had pizza delivered to some of his fans.

The actor looks very fit in the film, which will debut on Netflix. Based on his chiseled physique, it seems the father does not eat much pizza himself.


Timberlake’s Workout Routine

Being honored with six Grammy awards and an Emmy award might be out of the realm of possibility, but you can definitely get an impressive body with clearly defined abs and arms like Timberlake.

Timberlake doesn’t like exercising every day; instead, he hits the gym four to five times a week. He enjoys interesting workouts like dancing and sports. They really make him sweat by distributing equal pressure all over his body, which is how he maintains his shape.

His cardio workouts help him burn extra fat, especially from the abdominal area. He prefers doing crunches and sit-ups to get in shape.

The JT + the Tennessee Kids star shares his workout routine:


Day 1

Four sets of dumbbell flies, 15 reps. Three sets of military presses, 8 reps. Four sets of triceps push-downs, 15 reps. Three sets of parallel grin chin-ups, 8 reps. Three sets of wide-grip cable rows, 8 reps. Four sets of bench presses, 15–20 reps. Three sets of cable flies, 15 reps.

Day 2

Four sets of pull-ups, 12 reps. Four sets of lat pull-downs, 12 reps. Four sets of shrugs, 12 reps. Four sets of lying leg raises, 10 reps. Four sets of bend-over barbell rows, 15 reps. Four or five sets of partner assisted pull-ups, 12 reps.

Day 3

Three sets of pull-ups, 5–7 reps. Three sets of laterals, 6–10 reps. Three sets of bar dips of 6–10 reps.

Three sets of planks for 60 seconds. Three sets of biceps curl variation, 6–10 reps. Three sets of incline bench presses, 5–7 reps.

Day 4

One set of oblique crunches, 30 reps. One set of sandbag sit-ups, 50 reps. Five minutes of intense cardiovascular exercise. One set of lunges while holding dumbbells, 30 reps. Five sets of seated calf raises, 20 reps. Two sets of triceps machines, 20 reps.

Day 5


Timberlake’s Diet Plan

His diet also contributes to his fitness. He opts for five small means a day. He consumes a diet that is rich in nutrients in order to provide him sustained energy. He keeps away from junk and nutrient-deficient foods and drinks lots of water.

His diet plan looks like this:

Breakfast: His breakfast includes three boiled eggs, a cup of oats, and fruit juice.

Lunch: For lunch he consumes chicken breast, rice, and a protein shake.

Snacks: He eats four brown bread slices with three boiled eggs and a glass of milk.

Dinner: Two brown bread slices with chicken breast and salad.

Night Snacks: Prior to bed, he consumes a protein shake and three boiled eggs.


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