Kate Upton Instagram: Justin Verlander’s Fiancée Shares Her Exhaustive Training Routine

Kate Upton
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If you take a look at Kate Upton’s Instagram, you will find her fiancé Justin Verlander sharing her exhaustive training routine. Upton is best known as a model featured in Sports Illustrated magazine, but she is also an actress.

You might remember her in the movie The Other Woman, which also stars Cameron Diaz. Upton has an incredible figure and judging by her intense workout, she works hard to keep it that way. Here is the Kate Upton workout and diet plan.

Kate Upton Workout and Diet Plan

According to Upton’s personal trainer Ben Bruno, Upton is a “total badass” in the gym. Can you imagine? You may not believe it because the blonde bombshell has a small frame, but if you’ve seen a video of her in the gym, it will definitely change your perspective!


Bruno also goes on to share with People magazine that Upton’s workouts are very challenging and that she trains very hard and is super motivated. Aren’t those the keys to success, after all? Although Upton is only 24 years old, she is looking toned and more slimmed down than ever. This is because she is working out in the gym five or six days per week for one full hour.

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So, what’s the Kate Upton workout? Well, it starts off with some warm-ups – typically stretching and foam rolling, lunges and even walking side-to-side with a resistance band around the knees (also known as lateral band walks).

Next is Upton’s circuit training workout – and yes, this would be the key to Kate Upton looking amazing in a bikini! First, Upton does three or four strength-building exercises without a break. After she does a set, she will briefly rest and then perform the next cycle.

During her circuit training, she will do TRX rows, weighted hip-thrusts where she uses 200-pound weights, body saw to build core stability, and single leg Romanian deadlifts. The best thing about this workout is that it focuses on burning fat but also targets building strength. To end the workout, Upton does conditioning exercises like rowing and weighted sled pushes and pulls.

This entire exercise regimen is something that Upton follows consistently, even when she is traveling for work. This is the obvious reason she sees results.

While traveling, Upton is still able to do the workout in her hotel room with minimal equipment. Instead, she uses her body (known as body-weight workouts) to build strength. She uses something called a valslide, which is a piece of workout equipment that is portable and gives more challenge to body-weight exercises without adding any weights. She also uses mini-resistance bands to assist her workouts on the road.

In addition to her workout, Kate Upton is big on healthy eating. She is very strict with her diet, according to Bruno. This means she doesn’t follow fad diets, crash diets, cleansing diets or fasting. Instead, she just sticks with a simple healthy diet that eliminates sugar, has enough protein, and doesn’t include too much alcohol.

This sensible approach is easy enough for anyone to follow – little fuss and in combination with a great workout, can give you noticeable results.

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