Kate Winslet’s to Showcase Hourglass Figure in Woody Allen Movie: Justin Timberlake’s Co-Star Keeps Fit with Yoga

Kate Winslet
Credit: Kevork Djansezian / Stringer/ Getty

Kate Winslet is set to show off her hourglass figure in the latest Woody Allen film. When she showed up to the premiere of a friend’s new yoga video recently, the actress looked super fit. Winslet was stunning in a fitted black, knee-length dress that really showed off her curves and flat tummy. At 41 years old, Winslet definitely looks amazing.

Winslet attended the premiere to support pal and yoga instructor, Niki Perry. Although the title of the film Winslet just finished wrapping up is still unknown, we do know that her co-star is boy band alum, Justin Timberlake. The film is to be set in Coney Island, and it’s rumored that Winslet plays a waitress who is on the run and finds herself at an amusement park.

For now, Winslet insists that her age is not a factor in the acting roles she lands, and really, why would it be? Winslet continues to look much younger than her actual years, so she can still play a young and vibrant woman very well in any film.


Kate Winslet’s Healthy Lifestyle

To maintain her stunning looks, Winslet adheres to a very healthy lifestyle that involves a portion-controlled diet, yoga, and Pilates. The diet that led to Winslet losing 50 pounds is known as the Facial Analysis Diet. A dietician determines a person’s deficiencies and excess by studying a person’s face and creates a diet around that.

Winslet avoids processed foods and breads as best as possible. For Winslet, it’s all about cooking at home and preparing healthy meals on her own. Although her portions may be small, her meals are very nutrient-dense and include plenty of fruits and vegetables.

As for Winslet’s curvy shape, she maintains it by completing cardio on the treadmill, jogging outside, and partaking in yoga and Pilates classes—or she will just pop in a DVD and follow it.

Although Winslet generally sticks to healthy living, she does have some naughty secrets, too. The actress occasionally enjoys a slice of cake and a glass of rosé – for Winslet, it’s all about moderation. While she’s a clean eater for the most part, she also knows the importance of treating yourself. She is a firm believer that fad diets are not the answer; and so, she just tries her best to eat in balance without fully depriving herself.


Another diet secret of Winslet’s is that she keeps herself well hydrated. She noted that her frequent flights can lead to dehydration, and she is often drinking water to compensate.

Kate Winslet takes simple steps in order to keep herself healthy, which really pay off when you see recent photos of the actress. She continues to look fresh-faced and beautiful as the years based without much stress or fuss when it comes to diet and exercise.



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