Kevin Hart and Serena Williams’ Upper-Body Workout Secrets Featured on Nike+ Training Club App

Photo Credit: Splash News
Kevin Hart

Photo Credit: Splash News

Need a good laugh? Then watch the video clip of a 15-minute Kevin Hart workout with Serena Williams. Why is the comedian working out with 22-time Grand Slam champion?

It certainly seems like an odd pairing, but Hart and Williams have partnered up for a workout for the newly updated Nike+ Training Club App, which is now available for download on iOS and Android devices.


The Kevin Hart workout routine is no laughing matter: the comedian is incredibly fit and has been working hard to get a firm physique with the help of trainer Ron “Boss” Everline. But does it compare to a Serena Williams workout? Probably not, because the tennis champ trains for competitive purposes, not personal.

Serena Williams


The new Nike+ Training Club App is promoted in a series of hilarious videos with Hart and Williams doing some of the activities featured on the app. And because Hart is a funny guy, the videos are full of his signature humor. In one clip, Hart tells Williams that he is slightly less flexible than her because when he drinks water it goes right to his hamstrings, which prevents him from reaching his toes. He calls this ailment water hamstring-itis.


The video is meant to show the importance of stretching before a workout, and Williams gives Hart (and us) a few tips on how to stretch properly. The pair then embarks on their Nike+ Training Club partner workout.

A partner is needed to do their 15-minute routine, and if you have a friend as funny as Hart, then time will fly by and you won’t even notice how hard you’re working. A written version of their workout can be found on the Men’s Fitness web site.

Learning from Williams’ Training Routine

So how does a tennis champion train, and can us mere regular folk work out like Williams? Probably not, because most of us don’t have the time or dedication that is required to achieve her level of fitness. Notably, she suffered a major setback a few years ago when an injury caused her to fall into a physical and mental slump.

But being the true fighter and professional that she is, Williams found her way out of that slump. She hired premier sports trainer Mackie Shilstone, who helped create a new Serena Williams training and diet plan to get her back on track.

Shilstone created a workout routine that consisted of drills to increase Williams’ endurance, flexibility, core strength, and overall muscle functionality.

The Kevin Hart upper body workout is grueling in its own right. Hart and his trainer’s philosophy is “no excuses, no days off,” regardless of what life throws at you. Hart’s day starts at 5:30 a.m. with a training session, and he works hard doing a variety of exercises his trainer sets out for him. Hart can do chin-ups like a boss and makes doing push-ups with weights look easy. As he says himself, he is driven, and there’s no question about that.

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