Kevin Hart hilarious CrossFit workout video with Conan O’Brien, here is the Chocolate Droppa’s serious workout

Kevin Hart’s Hilarious CrossFit
Photo credit: Ethan Miller / Staff/Getty

The hilarious Kevin Hart put funnyman Conan O’Brien through a rigorous CrossFit workout. At first, it seemed that O’Brien had the upper hand—he is quite a bit taller than Hart—but Hart came back for the rebound to show off how fit he really is. The two got an added push from The Biggest Loser trainer Jen Widerstrom, who pushed the men to their limits.

Although the two seemed to be joking around and goofing-off, they did actually manage to get their sweat on in between laughs.

Hart was talking with O’Brien to promote his new comedy special Kevin Hart: What Now?


It seems that Chocolate Droppa—Hart’s rapper alter ego—really gave O’Brien a run for his money, easily completing chin-ups and other physical challenges. So how exactly does Hart stay in such great shape?

Kevin Hart Intense Workout Plan

It’s no surprise that Hart trains hard. He works alongside Nike to get people moving in their cities by organizing 5k runs. He’s also posted his workout routines online, which give you a glimpse of how intense his workouts are.

As a means to get out of his sluggish rut, started became training and pushing himself to look and feel better. This includes eating well with plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and eliminating fried foods.

Hart also avoids many dairy foods and white bread, and instead focuses on nutrient-rich meals which consist of protein like grilled chicken.


As for his workouts, Hart enjoys CrossFit, and says it has helped him build up his strength, endurance, and stamina.

Hart doesn’t believe in health fads such as detox teas. He has tried them previously before but said he only ended up in the bathroom. After that experience, Hart just decided to stick to eating well and regular exercise instead.

Even though Hart eats well the majority of the time, he does treat himself every now and then. His cheat meals consist of fried food options like chicken wings, or a dessert like cheesecake—he is human after all.

Hart has indeed become an inspiration to many; whether it be organizing 5k runs across the U.S. or constantly showing off his transformation, Hart has shown that a little bit goes a long way.

He has managed to transform his life from being a funny man who didn’t take care of himself, to taking care of his body. The daily mantra that he lives by is “No excuses, no days off.” It just goes to show how strong Hart’s dedication to healthy living really is.


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