Kevin Hart: What Now? Comedian Uses Food & Fitness for Breast Cancer Awareness

Kevin Hart
Photo credit: Mike Coppola / Staff/Getty

Comedian Kevin Hart has gotten a lot of success with his own stand-up special called Kevin Hart: What Now? The guy’s career is fire: his sell-out standup tour is now a silver screen production and he’s become a household name.

He has a starring role in the Jumanji 2 movie and has built up a lot of muscle for the role. Taking a peep at Mr. Hart’s Instagram will show you what he’s been up to: tough workouts, good food, and healthy living.

Healthy Living: That’s What’s Now

Say what you want about his comedy, but Kevin Hart seems like a pretty good guy. He works hard for breast cancer awareness, his career, and is good at making people laugh— he does it all while waking up at 5:30 a.m. to get a good workout in. The guy is flat-out committed to a healthy lifestyle, and over the past year or so it’s shown.


Hart exercises six or seven days a week without committing to a specific program. He told People that he just wants to wake up and be active every day. Whether he’s banging out an intense session in the gym, running on the treadmill, or hitting a beach workout, the guy doesn’t let life interfere with his lifestyle.

No days off!!!!! #HustleHart #MoveWithHart #BreastCancerAwarenessMonthHustleHartsOnMyFeet

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In a Nike promo video, he explains that no matter what he has to do during the day—interviews, be on set, appearances, or on stage—he finds time to get some form of workout in. Hart’s made the decision to do everything he can to extend his life.

Using Structure to Build Success

Kevin Hart describes himself as someone who relies on structure, which makes eating a healthy diet very easy. He regularly eats things like brown rice, baked chicken, veggies, and salads, and he’s able to give his body the nutrients and fuel required to workout, recover, and lead an active lifestyle.

What’s also impressive about Hart is that he’s realistic about his expectations. He’s taken a slow and steady approach to transforming his body and diet, putting in hard work, being patient, and knowing change won’t come overnight. Making lifestyle changes is not easy, and changing your body and lifestyle is a long process. That said, staying committed will yield results, no doubt about it.

Next time you’re in the grocery store, try sticking to the perimeter—this is where you’ll find items like vegetables, fruits, raw meats, and dairy. Head down the aisles to pick up your brown rice, oats, frozen veggies, and seasonings, but leave most other packaged goods on the shelf. Some items you surely want in your cart are: salmon, chicken, lean beef, broccoli, spinach, berries, oats, sweet potato, and almonds.

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