Lady Gaga in Victoria’s Secret Lingerie: Taylor Kinney’s Ex Looked Like a Victoria’s Secret Angel Herself

Lady Gaga VS Fashion Show
Credit: Pascal Le Segretain / Staff / Getty

Lady Gaga performed at this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which highlights not only Victoria’s Secret Lingerie, but also the famous Victoria’s Secret Angels.

Gaga has just released her new album Joanne, and to keep with the VS vibe, she took to her Instagram to show off her fit body in a matching silver bra and panty set.

Gaga may have become an unofficial Angel during her time at the show because she continued to post some fun moments with some of the other Angels, and she sported the famous Victoria’s Secret pink robe.


Now don't u try and tell us what to do!! Us ladies stick together! And we gotta #MillionReasons to!#vsfashionshow


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Gaga looked incredible as she managed to pull off numerous outfit changes for each of her performances. Her fit body can be attributed to her love of yoga and SoulCycle, along with following a portion-controlled diet.

Although Gaga has had some fluctuations with her weight in the past, it seems she has managed to maintain her current weight loss and is looking better than ever.

Lady Gaga Diet and Exercise

Gaga has endured her own struggles when it comes to her body, but she is now at a much happier place. She’s not only flaunting her body, but she’s also relaying the message to other girls that they need to love their bodies, too. Gaga has always been known to wear revealing outfits; whether she is on tour or just running errands, her outfits are always show stopping. But to look her best in her clothes, Gaga began following a portion-controlled diet and exercising more.

Gaga’s workout routine was created by her longtime trainer Harley Pasternak and consists of working out at least five times a week for a minimum of 25 minutes. To achieve her killer abs, Pasternak has noted that Gaga performs plenty of crunches, in different variations, to target all core muscles.

Gaga has been known to follow the five factor diet, which allows you to eat five meals a day with foods that include high-fiber sources, lean protein, low-glycemic carbs, healthy fats, and sugar-free beverages. Gaga is allowed a cheat meal a week that includes chips and salsa or eating at her parents NYC restaurant.

On top of the fact that Gaga works out religiously, she is also a very intense performer, which is another way she can shed unwanted pounds. She is constantly dancing on stage and performing elaborate dance routines—also a great way to burn additional calories.

Although Lady Gaga’s wardrobe may be eccentric, the songstress sticks to traditional methods in order to achieve her fit body with healthy eating and regular exercise.


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