Mariah Carey Follows Strict Diet Plan for Upcoming Wedding to Billionaire James Packer

Mariah Carey
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Singer Mariah Carey is working on her health and fitness as part of her wedding preparations. Before the singer and her billionaire fiancé James Packer can walk down the aisle, Carey is making sure she’s eating a healthy diet which includes protein shakes and chicken salad.

Throughout her career, and even after her pregnancy, Carey has managed to maintain a slim body that she very much enjoys showing off.

From pictures of her in a bathtub of soap or wearing barely-there sparkle bodysuits, it’s clear that Carey takes very good care of her figure. Unfortunately, Carey keeps her lips sealed when it comes to her secrets and tricks for achieving her amazing figure and actually doesn’t reveal much to the public.


Mariah Carey Diet and Workouts

Carey is working her hardest to look her best for her upcoming nuptials as she believes this will be her last wedding – third time’s a charm, right?

Some sources have revealed that Carey is adhering to a high-protein diet, which includes grilled chicken, broiled sea bass, or lean beef with asparagus.

Instead of eating breakfast – which we should all be doing – Carey is skipping this meal and replacing it with afternoon protein shakes.

When it comes to her indulgences, Carey enjoys chicken salad with light mayo or mustard, sushi, and baked salmon. She’s also a big fan of cheese and simply can’t say no to brie – but really, who can? Carey also incorporates at least one glass of red wine a day into her meal plan.


For Carey, though, it’s not always easy sticking to a diet as she is constantly traveling the world where amazing food is readily available. She has admitted that she follows a bleak diet and, at times, even calls it horrendous but won’t admit to what it actually involves.

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Furthermore, the singer won’t tell the world how she stays so fit in fear that people will comment on it; so unfortunately, we’ll never know the secrets behind Carey’s figure.

She has previously admitted that her lack of sharing is due to her insecurities, and even though the rest of the world thinks she looks amazing, a day doesn’t go by where she thinks so herself.

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Carey’s insecurities are actually so high that she believes proper lighting is required for her to look her best. She also won’t allow any fan to touch her – even if they shell out money for the VIP package for one of her shows.

Mariah Carey has had a long-lasting career with no end in sight. Even though she’s had her ups and downs when it comes to her body, her number one focus now is to look her best for her upcoming wedding.

We will have to wait and see if Carey pulls off the look she’s aiming for when she finally does walk down the aisle. In the meantime, you can follow her Instagram and Twitter for updates.

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