Martha Hunt Dazzles VS Fashion Show 2016: Superfit Model Flaunts Bikini Body on Miami Beach after Runway Walk

Martha Hunt
Credits: Instagram/marthahunt

After walking the runway for VS Fashion Show 2016, Martha Hunt headed to Miami for partying at Art Basel. She wore a black lingerie bodysuit underneath a blazer for L’Eden By Perrier-Jouet Closing Night at Casa Faena. Later she was seen flaunting her bikini body on Miami Beach in a red bikini and a pair of butterfly sunglasses. The Victoria’s Secret model looked super fit from all angles while she walked around the beach.

After months of preparations for VSFS that included a restrictive diet and intense workouts, Hunt might have partied hard in Miami. Lets peek into her fitness routine for that bikini body.

Martha Hunt’s Workout for Bikini Body

Hunt doesn’t believe in exerting herself but she feels exercises must be done to keep your body healthy and fit.
She does a number of workouts, but of all the workouts, the balance board is the most challenging for her. For that, she has to turn her toes inward and raise up on the balls of her feet over and over and over and balance at the same time. It gives her calves a hard workout, and teaches her body to be strong and balance in high heels.


Hunt has a specific style of working out. She uses the Lagree Method which uses a high-tension Megaformer machine to give her a complete body workout. It helps her have a long and lean look by keeping the muscles contracted for longer than most other workouts. She works out on the Megaformer three times a week for hour-long sessions as the method is very intense.

She says if she is traveling for more than a week, she prefers working out to  videos that she makes along with her trainer. She carries ankle bands, ankle weights and a yoga mat with her. If she travels just for few days, she prefers resting as she will workout at work.

Martha Hunt’s Diet for Bikini Body

Hunt eats immediately after she gets up from sleep and also consumes protein in an hour after working out. She takes proteins in the form of protein shakes or protein bars. She eats eggs or tuna salad, and sometimes a Greek yogurt post-workout.

She loves to eat eggs and sip smoothies. She makes a healthy smoothie of banana, coconut milk, almond butter, berries, and flaxseeds. Her lunch includes salad with chicken or tacos. She eats dinner late at night and loves to have sushi, Indian food, and Thai food.


Her sources of proteins include fish and chicken and she rarely eats pork and duck. She stocks up green juices, Greek yogurt, and coconut water. She enjoys snacking on Rice Krispies, ice cream, and chips in-between meals. She also relies on healthy food delivery services such as Sakara Life.

She thinks one must give his body what it wants and what it needs and indulging is good to keep on track. She balances her food with workouts. If she indulges in a big meal, she balances it with a long walks or jumping ropes. Martha Hunt believes in a healthy balance of exercise, rest, and a good diet.



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