Miley Cyrus Turns 24: Partner Liam Hemsworth Gifts Rainbow Ring, Celebrates with Cake

Miley Cyrus
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Liam Hemsworth’s fiancé Miley Cyrus celebrated her 24th birthday on November 23, which makes her born under the star sign Sagittarius. Adventurous, freedom loving, straightforward, optimistic, and broad-minded are some words that come to mind.

To celebrate her birthday, Miley’s TV family on NBC’s The Voice surprised her with the perfect cake. The cake (a large happy face sporting the letter H for eyes) honored Miley’s work for her non-profit organization “Happy Hippie Foundation.” This foundation was created by Cyrus in 2014 to fight injustice against vulnerable populations, including homeless and LGBTQ youth—what an incredible cause to support. Cyrus is not Hannah Montana anymore, that’s for sure. She has matured into a young woman who is adamant about being authentic and outspoken on issues that matter to her. She also looks pretty incredible… so, without further ado, let’s look at how Cyrus stays in shape.

Miley Cyrus: All About Fitness

Miley Cyrus is no stranger to staying fit. She loves to work out and usually does a variety of exercises to keep active. She really likes cycling and dancing, but also does tons of Pilates workouts. She often attends Mari Winsor’s Pilates classes in Los Angeles. Sometimes Cyrus even works out as much as six times a week, for an hour a day. As you may already know, Pilates is great for strengthening and toning muscles, especially the core abdominal muscles. Pilates is also great for finding balance between the inner and outer parts of the body, so it is sometimes similar to yoga with respect to a body-mind approach. Pilates is also very effective for producing fast results, and this is one reason why many celebrities love it. Miley’s dance rehearsals before a tour are also a great way for her to get in exercise, as her dance routines are quite gruelling.


Cycling is also part of her workout and helps with toning her leg muscles. Some other benefits include a reduced waistline, better immune system, better mental health, and greater coordination between body parts. In addition, Cyrus loves her yoga. She does it very often; she specifically practices Ashtanga yoga.

Cyrus follows a lactose and gluten-free diet, which is one reason she is very slender. She is passionate about this diet, and has even encouraged others to try it and see if they discover an improvement in their mental and physical health. Cyrus is a devout vegan and is quite outspoken on the issue. Being a vegan means that Cyrus avoids all animal foods and by-products including eggs, dairy, and cheese. She has been seen posting many photos to Instagram showing off her preparation of green juices, which she appears to drink often. It’s not a stretch to assume that she packs these juices with healthy veggies and fruits to optimize her nutrition.

Judging by some of her Instagram posts, Miley likes to eat green veggies like peas, spinach, and avocados. It also appears she enjoys veggies like peppers, mushrooms, and tomatoes. Some of her protein options appear to be things like hummus or lentils. Cyrus really knows how to make vegan food look delicious! Happy 24th birthday Miley!

Here’s Cyrus’ cake!


Thank you to my Voice family for making my birthday soooooo special 😍😍😍 @happyhippiefdn

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