Miranda Lambert Enjoys Healthy Dinner with Chicken and Wine

Photo Credit: AdMedia / Splash News
Miranda Lambert

Photo Credit: AdMedia / Splash News

Country music star Miranda Lambert is no stranger to a healthy lifestyle. A healthy dinner for her includes chicken, vegetables, rice, and a glass of red wine.

Most recently, it was a Red 55 wine, which is one of her signature wines from Red 55 Winery. These wines feature, of course, grapes, but also other flavors including apple, cherries, and berries.

Since 2012, the 32-year-old has lost between 30 and 45 pounds through regular exercise and a healthy diet. That diet was on display in an Instagram post that featured a healthy dinner at her farmhouse during a recent day off.

How Miranda Lambert Lost Weight, Her Diet and Exercise Routine, and How She Maintains Her Healthy Lifestyle

Miranda Lambert maintains a healthy lifestyle when she is not relaxing at her farmhouse with a healthy meal of chicken and red wine made from excellent grapes. After her incredible weight loss, many people have wondered how she did it. Some speculated that she’d undergone weight loss surgery, but she quickly put those rumors to rest.

Lambert gained the weight after years of traveling and unhealthy eating habits. She credits her substantial weight loss to a healthy diet with portion control, and regular exercise with her trainer Bill Crutchfield. Lambert enjoys a variety of exercises such as cardio and circuit training, walking, horseback riding, and jogging.

Lambert started tracking calories with a calorie counter called “MyFitnessPal.” Her diet includes green juices with vegetables such as spinach or celery, plus salad with chicken or salmon, seafood, and steak with rice and potatoes. Her healthy snacks include almonds and bananas. She also stopped obsessing over the scale, as she used to become upset if the scale didn’t show some improvement in her weight. Now she weighs herself once a week.

Meditation has also been added to her routine, and it has helped her become aware of her emotions and thoughts related to stress, food, and emotional eating patterns. Lambert meditates for 10 minutes every day.

After all her healthy lifestyle changes, Miranda Lambert can enjoy red wine made with the finest grapes from time to time. That is because she maintains an exercise routine and a healthy diet featuring chicken, seafood, and vegetables. For Lambert, a balance between diet and exercise is the key to a healthy appearance and lifestyle.

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