Model Chrissy Teigen, John Legend’s Wife, Struggles with Post-Pregnancy Body, May Attempt to Stop Eating Pasta

Chrissy Teigen
Photo credit: JENY / Splash News

Model Chrissy Teigen and husband John Legend were blessed with a beautiful daughter, Luna, in April of this year.

The new mom recently shared that she will make a strong attempt to stop eating her all-time favorite, pasta, due to her fight with her post-pregnancy body.

She made fun of the pounds she gained on Twitter this past summer.

“Ok time to stop eating pasta twice a day and simultaneously wondering why these last few won’t come off,” she wrote in one July tweet.

Teigen told PEOPLE of how she feels about her post-baby body. “I’m still definitely not comfortable. I think I’m fine in clothes. But am I comfortable naked or in a bikini? Not exactly yet.”

She says that if she has to wear a swimsuit for a photo shoot, she prefers a one-piece or high-waisted option that can make her feel positive about her post-pregnancy weight.

She also goes for silk dresses, tailored trousers and pencil skirts.

Being engrossed with her daughter, she falls short of time for her routine work. She is not in a hurry to lose the post-pregnancy weight as her husband loves her new curves, she told reporters.

She shares her low-carb recipes on her food blog, So Delushious.

Chrissy Teigen’s Superfoods

Her list of superfoods (that are really packed with energy) include:

Eggs – in any form – over easy, omelette or hard-boiled.

Avocado – She loves to eat avocados with salt and pepper.

Omega-3-rich tuna salad with little mayo and lots of Dijon mustard.

Green Juices – Juices that include lots of green, and not so much apple, are her favorites. The sweet-tasting apples add more calories to the juices, she feels.

Seaweed sheets – They provide many of the earth’s minerals and also are excellent to satisfy the salt cravings. “Seaweed sheets are my go-to for my salty chip cravings, especially wasabi flavored ones,” she tells Shape magazine.

Sashimi – Teigen loves Sashimi so much that she eats six pieces of it a day! She also wraps it in her other favorite, seaweed sheet.

Cashews and Almonds – She consumes unsalted raw almonds but likes golden roasted and salted cashews. Salt is not healthy, she knows, but sometimes it is fine to give in to your cravings.

Chrissy Teigen’s Post-Pregnancy Diet

Teigen is against starvation for shedding pounds but opts for a healthy diet.

To detoxify her body and support her slimdown, she reportedly relies on a lemonade diet. The first ten days of the liquid diet includes three nutrient-laden green smoothies, one pineapple, one cup of cashew milk, lemon juice with maple syrup, and cayenne pepper.

Fresh fruits and veggies provide her with adequate vitamins and minerals. She eats turkey bacon and eggs for the protein requirements of the body.

She has smartly cut the consumption of high-carb, processed, junk, and other unhealthy foods and caffeine-rich drinks.

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